Managing Sibling Rivalry

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We all think of siblings as being the best of friends and getting on no matter what. Unfortunately, though, the relationship between siblings isn’t always that simple. There can be quite a lot of rivalry between them, especially when they are very young and they each think that they should get their own way. With two (soon to be three!) kids, I can tell you that from experience.

Sometimes it manifests itself as arguments and some back-and-forth chatter, but sometimes it can be much worse and could even end up in a physical fight. Sound like your kids? If so, you are probably at the end of your rope and would do anything to make them get along.

Putting an end to sibling rivalry isn’t always that difficult. These tips should help to ease any conflict.

Take It In Turns

One of the main sources of arguments is when a child thinks that they haven’t been given a fair chance at something. For example, they might feel that they haven’t had the same amount of time on the computer as their sibling.

One way around this is to get an internet deal that offers multiple devices to be connected at once, like the one only at, so that your kids can use devices at the same time. But when your kids are doing things that need to be done in turns, make sure you time everyone’s turn and ensure that they are all equal.

Don’t Label Them

Some parents label their kids. You know the kinds of things, like “the sporty one”, “the quiet one”, or “the intelligent one”. You shouldn’t do this as this can cause them to compare themselves with one another, and this could help rivalries develop. Sure, you might have a child who is more sporty than the others, but this difference shouldn’t define them. And you certainly shouldn’t use it to label them.

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Team Spirit

It’s a good idea to try and create a team spirit within your family. Rather than being a group of individuals, you should see yourselves as more of a team with the tips at Everyone works together to help each other and for the greater good. This will help to make sure that all of your children feel equal and just as important as each other. No one will feel left out at all, which will help cut down on all those arguments!

No Favorites

It is absolutely necessary that you don’t have a clear favorite child. This will only make all of their siblings feel inferior and very much left out. Every child should be your favorite! This can sometimes be difficult to show, though, especially when your kids ask awkward questions like “who do you love more?” You need to answer these tactically with answers like “I love you all in special ways!”

It can be difficult to completely put an end to sibling rivalry but all of these tips should help you get there. At least sibling rivalry often comes to an end as they start to get older!

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