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Are You Washing Your Hair Correctly?

Chances are, you’re not. Just lather, rinse, repeat, right?

Not exactly.

When I was really, really young, TRESemmé was the hot new thing. I remember there always used to be tips on the back of the bottle, and that’s what activated my interest in proper hair washing techniques.

Let’s get into a few common incorrect ways we wash our hair


Not soaking your hair

Just standing in the shower for a few seconds isn’t really enough to penetrate through the layers of hair. You want all of your hair wet, not just the top layer

Using the wrong temperature

If your water is too hot, it will open the cuticles and create more frizz. No amount of conditioner is going to reverse the effects of hot water.

Not brushing your hair before jumping in

Brushing out your hair before you shower is super important. It helps loosen dirt and removes any knots or tangles that might be hiding product.

So, what’s the right way to wash hair?

Brush your hair before getting in the shower, to detangle and loosen up the dirt and product from the day.

Make sure /all/ of your hair is wet before starting to shampoo. You want the water to break up and wash away some of the product that can prevent your shampoo from penetrating your hair.

When you begin, work the shampoo into your roots. This is where most of the dirt and debris is going to be. Scrub your scalp, not your hair.

Rinse the shampoo completely. In some instances, you may want to shampoo a second time.

To prevent frizz, switch to colder water before conditioning. This will close the cuticle and make your hair appear smooth and shiny.

Apply conditioner starting at the midshaft and working towards the tips. These are the areas most commonly exposed to the elements.

Rinse again, and dry with your preferred method.

Did you learn anything new from this post? Let me know in the comments!

Are You Washing Your Hair Correctly? - The Southern Smiths: The correct, and incorrect ways of washing your hair.
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Creating a Workout Routine

I’m pretty sure almost all of us are constantly saying “I need to start working out”. I know Kody and I say it to each other often! The problem is, some of us don’t really know how to do it. If we can’t afford a gym membership, then what?

If we do have a gym membership, what do we do there? All of the equipment is useless if we don’t know what to do when we get there.

So, let’s fix the problem! Let’s create a workout routine that’s doable!

If you’re going to begin working out, the number one thing is to start drinking more water. You’re going to sweat, a lot. Don’t let yourself become dehydrated! Don’t forget to stretch! Stretching before and after can help to prevent muscle injury and soreness.

Now, you need to decide how often you want to workout. If it’s been a while, every day isn’t suggested. You can burn out QUICK. I personally suggest a 3 day/rest day schedule. Workout for 3 days, then take a rest day. You may be a little stiff on your rest day, but I promise it’ll help keep you motivated knowing you’ve got a day to fill that time slot with something more relaxing.

If you’ve got a gym membership, now is the time to look for ideas. Are you wanting to do cardio? Strength training? Are you trying to lose, maintain, or gain weight? These are all things to take into account. Once you’ve figured out what your goal is, you can start looking up routines that other people have used for the same reasons! Pinterest and Google are awesome resources.

I suggest making sure you have a warm-up, workout, and then a cool down. Your body responds better when you give it room to adjust to each stage.

If you don’t have a gym membership, there are still things you can do! Youtube has a huge selection of guided home workouts! My personal favorites are the yoga videos.

You can also try going on walks, jogging or running at a local park. Some high schools even allow the public to use their tracks!

You can even go old school! Do jumping jacks, push-ups, crunches. Any workout is a good workout.

Do you have a workout routine? Share it with me!

Creating a Workout Routine - The Southern Smiths: Creating a workout routine that actually works!