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December Goals (and November Update!)

It’s the beginning of the month again! That means it’s time to recap last month’s goals, and set some up for this month.

Let’s jump right in by starting with my blog goals from November:

Blog Goals

1. Promote on more than one social media platform

I actually did well on this one! Instead of just Facebook, I’m now promoting on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter!

2. Make at least 15 posts this month

Another success! I only missed two days in November where I didn’t post at all.

3. Find new networking groups

I got accepted into about 6 new groups! A few of them have all or nothing posts, so I’m counting this as another success.

4. Write posts ahead of time

And bingo! I’m 4-for-4 on blog goals this month! I’ve finally created an editorial calendar and I can get my posts scheduled 1-2 weeks out, with title ideas at least a month out.

It looks like I did GREAT on my blog goals this month! But what about my personal goals?

Personal Goals:

1.  Make all scheduled appointments

Nope, big fail on this one. I missed two appointments of my own (though I did reschedule!). Not cool.

2.  Start Christmas Shopping

Success! I’ve completed all major shopping, I just need to grab stocking stuffers and a few small “From Santa”gifts.

3. Develop a daily routine

I’m getting better at this, so I’ll give myself half-credit. I still sleep a little too much, but I definitely have more of a routine with the kids and blogging. We also have had friends over a few times, which I had included in this category last month.

4. Exercise 2-3 times a week

Haha. Ha. I didn’t exercise once all month. But, I did just find my Fitbit so let’s get that changed!

Personal Goals, I didn’t do so well at ALL. Big fail here. Ugh. So, let’s set up for December:

Blog Goals:

1. Get networking requirements done on time

This is super hard for me. I always finish before the deadline, but that has me staying up until 2/3am some nights because I don’t check the threads throughout the day. I need to make sure I’m setting aside an hour in the morning and one in the afternoon for this.

2. Keep track with my calendar

My editorial calendar is actually completely filled for the rest of the year! That means I just need to get behind it and make sure I’m writing and promoting the posts on time. I also need to make sure I’m leaving room for sponsored posts, and able to switch things around when necessary.

3. Increase engagement

Now that I’m promoting across a few platforms, I’m wanting to really focus on my engagement and making sure things are increasing and not stagnant. Maybe a few more followers here, some active comments there.

4. Study SEO

I’ve been trying and even made a few posts about it, but the truth is I need to start applying it to my own posts!

Personal Goals:

1. Exercise

Let’s try this again. I’d like to exercise AT LEAST once a week. Surely I can keep up with this.

2. Focus on that routine

Let’s get the other half of that routine knocked out. I want to be on top of things, breakfast made, dinner planned. I want the house staying clean and the kids exhausted by bedtime. Can I do this in my 8th month of pregnancy?

3. Make each therapy appointment

I kind of have a habit of going “Oh, I’ve had a good week. I don’t need this appointment today.” I need to remind myself that I’m not only there for me, but for how I interact with others in my daily life. No more skipping!


This is a big one. I want to be less stressed. I want to have a time full of fun and memories (have you SEEN all the plans I have? ((link to Hello, December))

I hope I do better on my personal goals this month!

What are your personal goals this month? Give me one of them in comments below!

December Goals (and November Update) - The Southern Smiths: An update on how I did for November, and some new goals set for December!
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Pregnancy Update!

For those not in the know, I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant. After two boys, we’re finally getting our girl, and I’m so excited!

I usually take one day out of the week to write a blurb about a member of our family, and I figured why should I skip out on Jade?

So here we go, what’s up in Jade’s world?


I actually had an ultrasound last week, so I’ve got all the details and insider info ready!

Jade is measuring right on track! My due date is remaining in the January 25th area. I’m trying so desperately to avoid ALL the family birthdays that week. (Kody and my aunt share a birthday on the 23rd, isn’t that too close for comfort?)

She’s measuring at 3lbs 10oz, and we couldn’t get a decent length because she wouldn’t stop moving around. They actually weren’t able to get a specific picture of her heart because of her movement but said the ones they got were enough to detect anything.

She is still very obviously a girl, with no doubt at all from the tech or doctors.

This was actually the first ultrasound Kody was able to attend! You should’ve seen his face light up when they showed her little chin and nose profile.

She can turn her head, and her body is starting to plump up. We actually commented on the size of her arm muscles! She’s got some biceps on her.

I have a ton of Braxton-hicks, but nothing that the doctors are concerned about. Though this is my third pregnancy, I still call the doctors at least once a week if anything bothers me. I’m a very anxious momma.

I’m now having visits every two weeks! Time has flown by. Can you believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow?

She likes to turn around and flip a LOT. Last month’s ultrasound she was head down, this time her head is back under my ribs. I can feel her moving constantly, and I’m starting to think she never rests in there!

Her nursery is ready, we’ve got a partial layette, a closet full of wipes and diapers. I’ve got to stock up on some just-in-case formula, but I successfully breastfed the two boys and don’t foresee having any problems. Still, I always stock up just in case there’s an emergency, or someone is watching him and they run out of frozen milk

That’s pretty much all that’s going on in our world!

Do you have children? How many?

Pregnancy Update! - The Southern Smiths: An update about my current (and FINAL) pregnancy!