How I Manage Meal Planning and Grocery Lists

Meal planning can be extremely stressful! I find it especially stressful planning for the entire family. I’ve got to cover Kody’s breakfast, lunch and work snacks, as well as all the kid’s meals, and make time for myself to eat. All of this, and still have a hot meal at the end of the day?

What’s my solution?


Technology has just become a way of life for us nowadays. We read the news, keep up with family, watch tv, schedule events ALL from our mobile devices.

I’ve recently discovered two apps that have made my meal planning struggles a thing of the past.

The first one is Meal Planner Pal. From what I can see, it’s only available on iOS devices (sorry Android users!)

This app is AMAZING to me. It allows me to set how long I need the meal plan to run (I usually do them by the week). I’m able to upload an image, and SAVE THE LINK of the recipe I will be using! There’s also a grocery list option, but I use another app for that.

It lets me plan breakfast, lunch, dinner, AND snacks! I can also change the templates (I have a few titled “quick breakfast” for weekday mornings). I  love this app, I couldn’t do conventional meal planning before I found it.

My other app is the H-E-B Grocery app. This app does it all. I set the store I’m closest to, and then I’m able to “shop” virtually. I search for products and view prices. I’m able to add them to lists (and title the lists!), and then my favorite thing happens. The list automatically sets items in order by the store’s layout.

So, my local H-E-B opens into the produce section. The app tells me exactly where to expect the items, from “in produce by the potatoes”, to “on aisle 5”.

Pro Tip for busy moms/wives: You can buy a carabiner (yes, like the climbing kind!) and use it to keep your purse/diaper bag hanging on the cart handle. This keeps it safe, AND gives you more room in the cart!

I encourage you to look for similar apps! They’ve definitely made my life a million times easier.

Do you use any apps for your meal planning or grocery shopping? What are they? Let me know below!

How I Manage Meal Planning and Grocery Lists - The Southern Smiths:My favorite apps