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The Best Ways To Beat Bad Moods

Are you getting tired of waking up in a bad mood? Unfortunately, being in such a bad mood can be very difficult to shake off through the day, so there really is no wonder that so many people get down in the dumps whenever they wake up in one.

Feeling a bit grumpy and grouchy today? Well, your mood might improve when I explain that there are in fact a few things you can do to make yourself feel better. Don’t believe me? It’s true! Even though the majority of people think it can sometimes be impossible to shake yourself out of a bad mood, there are a few tricks and hacks that might succeed. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

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Preparing To Make A Life Change For Good

Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. While the majority of us learn how to live and behave via our parents, it’s often not the case that we are given a complete and total understanding of how to manage ourselves. This might mean managing our stress, what to do in times of trouble as well as times of good. We aren’t taught the intricacies of managing our energy, working hard towards a goal or generally what to do when things are going right. All of this must be experienced ourselves at a personal level, which is actually for the best. Learning how to do something yourself is often much more instructive than any other way of doing things.

However, there are times when we might fall in our daily efforts. It can be easy to slip up after difficult circumstances arise. You might fall into an addiction or vice that only seems to get stronger as you give into it. This can be extremely troubling for anyone, and so it pays to understand how to get out of it.

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Why Sustainable Living Makes For Healthier Living

As a responsible parent, it’s only natural that you want your little ones to grow up in the healthiest, most comfortable and most pleasant home they can. You want your offspring to have the best childhood full of happy memories, plenty of opportunities to experience the outdoors and quality family time. When you commit to having a greener and more eco-friendly home, you are not only providing the opportunity to teach your kids about the environment and their responsibility towards the planet, you are also providing them with a healthier environment in which to thrive. Take a look at why sustainable living makes for healthier living.

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5 Self-Care Habits to Cleanse Your Soul

When was the last time you really slowed down and took care of yourself?

We often assume that good health is the default, and it’s only when something goes wrong that we realise wellbeing should be higher up the ever growing list of responsibilities.

Often, it seems that there is a list of people to take care of that come before yourself, and we can be left feeling like there is no time to prioritize our own health and maintenance. Many of us are running on empty by default. But if you aren’t choosing to invest that time in better physical and mental health, it can have serious consequences.

Without taking time out to assess your body and mind and give yourself a break, you are placing limitations on your own potential. You can never truly be successful without some degree of self care and forming healthy habits. If we ignore the warning signs, things can unravel pretty fast. We may even find ourselves turning to the wrong coping mechanisms, like processed foods or alcohol – things that can take control of our lives so much that we even end up seeking rehab to support a recovery.

So it’s clear that self-care is no small, insignificant issue, but a foundation for looking after yourself and living your best life. So, how to do you make self-care a regular habit that becomes a part of your day without adding to the never-ending to do list?

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How To Stay Healthy As A Busy Parent

Let’s face it, raising kids is tough. It’s both the most rewarding and most challenging thing we do. It is so important that we as parents set a good example when it comes to taking care of ourselves. You have got to stay healthy as a busy parent.

I know my oldest is starting to show a lot of anxiety surrounding household stuff (he’s only four, and worries about the dishwasher and fire alarms..), it seems I’ve only shown him how I take care of everyone else. He worries about his brother needed a drink, or his baby sister crying and the reasons she might be. He doesn’t often let me know what he needs because he’s telling me what he thinks they need. I realized, I’ve got to show him how I take care of myself too, if I want him to take care of himself properly.

So, here are some tips on taking care of you, for them!

How To Be Healthy As A Busy Parent - The Southern Smiths

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Self-Care During Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, it quickly goes from “How are you?” to “How’s the baby?” Everyone wants to know all about the changes within your belly. But what about you? You’ve still got to focus on self-care during pregnancy, now more than ever.

For a lot of women, pregnancy is a bumpy ride. Mood swings and body changes can have you feeling pretty bummed. No matter how much everyone focuses on the baby, you need to focus on you. Keep yourself happy, healthy, and calm, so that your baby will be the same.

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Self-Care During Pregnancy - The Southern Smiths

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How to Finally Lose That Extra Weight

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If you are someone who frequently struggles with their weight, then you might well be ready to make a change and try to shed those pounds as soon as possible. There is so much conflicting information out there about how to properly lose weight that it can be hard knowing whether any particular method is likely to work or not. However, there are also a number of proven methods you can attempt to use in order to ensure that you can really lose that weight in no time at all. As long as you attempt the following in the right manner and the right order, you should find that you are able to lose that weight much quicker than you had ever thought possible. Let’s take a look at what you should do to make that happen.


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Is it Too Late to Protect Your Vision?

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It’s estimated that 253 people already live with some kind of vision impairment, ranging from moderate impairment to legal blindness. You may already need to wear contacts or glasses, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods for further future impairment. Here, we’re going to look at a few ways you need to keep protecting your sight, no matter what your current condition is.


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