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Get Neighbors As Green As Your New Lawn With Killer Curb Appeal

You may not realize it, but you are constantly in a secret competition with your neighbors. It’s an unspoken, private war and the only evidence of it will be a subtle side glance at your home. Or, a comment such as ‘oh, new flowers I see?’ Loosely translated this actually means: ‘your flowers may be colorful but the water fountain we just ordered is better.’ It’s a friendly game although when it comes time to sell, it can become more than that. Particularly, if more than one home goes on sale at the same time. You see then you’ll be in competition trying to win buyer interest to get that perfect sale. So, curb appeal isn’t just about turning your neighbors green with envy. But what can you do to improve your home and the way it looks from the curb.

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Low-Budget Backyard Fix

Part One: Ants, Weeds and Something Pretty

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Spring is HERE, y’all. It’s been here for a minute, right? It’s our first spring in our current rent house, and my yard is a great size. The only problem is, it’s overrun by ants. They are everywhere. And where there aren’t ants, there are clovers. Some people like clovers, and I do too, but not an entire yard of them.  Something’s got to change.

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I decided to start a new series: Low-Budget Backyard Fix. If you’re reading this, welcome to part one: Ants, Weeds, and something pretty.

Low-Budget Backyard Fix - The Southern Smiths:

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