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3 Ways of Encouraging Your Kids to Get Out and About

3 Ways of EncouraIt’s so important to encourage your children to get out of the house and explore the outside world. Kids need to experience nature, fresh air, and the infinite beauty of the outdoors. These days, with everything seemingly boiled down to a screen, it can be difficult to be the kids interested in getting outside. But it is important for expanding their experiences and boosting their health at the same time.

This is why you have to do as much as you can to try to encourage your children to want to leave the house. You don’t want this to turn into a massive issue every time you are trying to get them to leave the house, so think about what you can do to encourage this in them. Here are three great examples of things all parents can do to help their children get out and about and enjoy the outdoors.

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Conquering The Bedtime Battle With Your Kids

Do your kids refuse to go to sleep? Do you spend hours trying to get them to settle? Many parents can end up tearing their hair out when it comes to getting their kids to adhere to bedtime. Those precious hours between 8pm and midnight are supposed to be adult time – it’s your tiny pocket of freedom (although in many cases, even this free time is spent doing household chores) – and yet the kids are taking it away from you. Fortunately, there is a way to win the bedtime battle. Here’s a brief guide to getting your kids to go to sleep when they ought to.

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Awesome Party Themes That Will Knock Your Kid’s Socks Off

One thing that all kids have in common is that they want an awesome party to celebrate their birthday every year. It’s one of the best parts of being a kid, and all parents need to have a stock of ideas for your little one’s party. After all, you don’t want your child to turn up to the party that you spent so long on, just to be disappointed because it’s not everything they hoped it would be. But don’t worry, because we’ve got a handful of ideas to make sure that your little one has the day of their dreams.

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Child Can’t Sleep? Could It Be Because Of These Conditions?

Ever had one of those nights as a child where you couldn’t get to sleep? You felt like you were the only one in the world who was actually awake during the night. For some reason, you didn’t feel your normal self, and it’s only when you’re older do you realize what was happening. Some conditions that affect children affect us all, but because they’re younger and weaker, their symptoms can vary. Putting a child to bed at a reasonable time is the sensible thing to do such as a bedtime way before the adults have theirs. Usually, this is around an hour or so after dinner with the usual bedtime being around 8 pm for most parents. However, what do you do if your child can’t sleep and complains about their physical condition keeping them up? What are the common things you should look and ask for?

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How To Be A Firm But Fun Parent

How to parent… this has got to be one of life’s great mysteries. You’ll often spend so much time reading parenting books and uncovering the best approaches just to realize that you still have no idea what you’re doing even when your kids do come along. But you don’t have to panic. And you certainly don’t have to feel like a bad parent. Instead, you just need to find a balance. No matter what you believe in, how you want to parent, or what you want for your kids, you’ll find that being a firm but fun parent can get you the results you want. After all, your job is to guide your children, but you also love them and want the best for them, so working in a little fun is always a good idea. Let’s look at how you can do it.

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10 Money-Saving Tips For New Parents

There’s no getting around the fact that parenthood, while an exciting and life-affirming venture, can also be an expensive time of your life. There’s so much stuff to buy, and little of it is “optional”; you need these things. Still, bringing a child into the world doesn’t have to kill your savings account. There are plenty of ways in which you can cut corners and make savings, and these will make a big difference to your overall bank balance. Below, we take a look at ten money-saving tips for new parents that’ll make raising your child a little more financially manageable.

The Soutern Smiths - 10 Money-Saving Tips For New Parents

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5 Tips To Survive A Road Trip With A Toddler

Summer is right around the corner, which means that families from all over are starting to plan their vacations. If you’re considering taking a road trip this summer, then it’s vital that you plan properly. If you’ve ever done so before, you’ll know that travelling with a toddler can be a lot of fun, but that it can quickly descend into mayhem if you’re not properly prepared. To help you get the most out of your family road trip and ensure you have a great time, here are six tips to remember.

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Don’t Grow Old While Your Kids Are Still Young

When you have kids, you want to feel like a parent, not a grandparent. What do we mean by this?

You don’t want to keep telling them no when they ask you to come outside to throw the ball around because you have a bad back. You don’t want to embarrass them by falling asleep in the cinema watching a movie. You definitely don’t want to be out of breath after running around in the backyard with them for five minutes.

These issues are understandable when you hit seventy but not before your twilight years. When you have kids, you should still have the energy to play with them, to stay active with them and basically enjoy life.

Unfortunately, there are many issues that can prevent you from doing this. But we know how to avoid them and make sure that you’re in the best form possible for your kids.

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Making The Most Of Your Evenings As Newbie Parents

One of the toughest transitions any newbie parent will go through is the change to their evening plans. That’s when you start to feel a little itch. In those years BC (Before Children), evenings were your time to escape the humdrum of existing, to leap into the thick of the hustle and bustle to get over that bad day at work, to go out for a spontaneous meal, see friends and live a little. But for the first year AD (After Delivery) that becomes a bit tougher.

If you’re not a regular follower, you’re probably thinking “Why should I listen to you?”

Hi, I’m Marci, mom of three, and as I’m typing this, I’m feeding my three-month-old daughter.

If they don’t exclusively feed on the boob and you have a regular babysitter, then it’s no such much of an issue. But if you do, well, you need to start working out how you’ll make the most of your evenings. Sure, for the first month or so, that will be sleeping every time your baby sleeps.

But that will soon wear off and that’s when these evenings tips will become a godsend. Trust us on that.


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