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Making The Most Of Your Evenings As Newbie Parents

One of the toughest transitions any newbie parent will go through is the change to their evening plans. That’s when you start to feel a little itch. In those years BC (Before Children), evenings were your time to escape the humdrum of existing, to leap into the thick of the hustle and bustle to get over that bad day at work, to go out for a spontaneous meal, see friends and live a little. But for the first year AD (After Delivery) that becomes a bit tougher.

If you’re not a regular follower, you’re probably thinking “Why should I listen to you?”

Hi, I’m Marci, mom of three, and as I’m typing this, I’m feeding my three-month-old daughter.

If they don’t exclusively feed on the boob and you have a regular babysitter, then it’s no such much of an issue. But if you do, well, you need to start working out how you’ll make the most of your evenings. Sure, for the first month or so, that will be sleeping every time your baby sleeps.

But that will soon wear off and that’s when these evenings tips will become a godsend. Trust us on that.


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Why Sustainable Living Makes For Healthier Living

As a responsible parent, it’s only natural that you want your little ones to grow up in the healthiest, most comfortable and most pleasant home they can. You want your offspring to have the best childhood full of happy memories, plenty of opportunities to experience the outdoors and quality family time. When you commit to having a greener and more eco-friendly home, you are not only providing the opportunity to teach your kids about the environment and their responsibility towards the planet, you are also providing them with a healthier environment in which to thrive. Take a look at why sustainable living makes for healthier living.

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Forming A Friendship Between Your Child And Dog

Regardless of if you have your child or dog first, having them interact can make you nervous. It doesn’t matter how much you love them, you’ll be worried that your dog won’t like your kid, or the kid will mistreat your dog. Getting a child and dog to get along isn’t always easy, but with clear rules and a little work, you can keep everybody safe.

Forming A Friendship Between Your Child And Dog - The Southern Smiths

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Why Isn’t My Dog Happy?

Dogs are truly man’s best friend. Everyone who knows me will tell you that I am 100% a dog person. They’re beautiful, and full of joy and ask for nothing in return. They love us regardless of imperfections, and sometimes that teaches us to love ourselves too! We usually want to do everything we can to make our pets just as happy as they make us. So sometimes you might be asking yourself ” Why isn’t my dog happy? ”

You may be working too much, or they may just need a friend. Whatever the problem is, we’ll get to the bottom of it together!

Why Isn't My Dog Happy? - The Southern Smiths

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What To Do During A Power Outage

Maybe you’re sitting at home watching t.v., or eating dinner with your family, when suddenly, the lights go out. Most people’s first instinct is to start flipping lightswitches, and turning things on/off to check for a power outage. If it happens at night, you might scramble for a flashlight so you don’t end up hurting yourselves.

Eventually, you’ll realize the power has gone out. Of course, we all know first you call the power company. But then what?

What To do During A Power Outage - The Southern Smiths

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How To Stay Healthy As A Busy Parent

Let’s face it, raising kids is tough. It’s both the most rewarding and most challenging thing we do. It is so important that we as parents set a good example when it comes to taking care of ourselves. You have got to stay healthy as a busy parent.

I know my oldest is starting to show a lot of anxiety surrounding household stuff (he’s only four, and worries about the dishwasher and fire alarms..), it seems I’ve only shown him how I take care of everyone else. He worries about his brother needed a drink, or his baby sister crying and the reasons she might be. He doesn’t often let me know what he needs because he’s telling me what he thinks they need. I realized, I’ve got to show him how I take care of myself too, if I want him to take care of himself properly.

So, here are some tips on taking care of you, for them!

How To Be Healthy As A Busy Parent - The Southern Smiths

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Self-Care During Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, it quickly goes from “How are you?” to “How’s the baby?” Everyone wants to know all about the changes within your belly. But what about you? You’ve still got to focus on self-care during pregnancy, now more than ever.

For a lot of women, pregnancy is a bumpy ride. Mood swings and body changes can have you feeling pretty bummed. No matter how much everyone focuses on the baby, you need to focus on you. Keep yourself happy, healthy, and calm, so that your baby will be the same.

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Self-Care During Pregnancy - The Southern Smiths

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