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What To Do When Your Child Has Been Injured

Suffering an injury can be stressful and upsetting. This is even more so the case if it happens to your child. However, rather than sit back and accept what has happened, you can make a claim for compensation if the incident was not your child’s fault. This money can go in a trust fund until your child is 18-years-old, as well as being used to help with their recovery and any other costs relating to their injuries. With that being said, read on to discover some of the things you need to do if your child has been injured.

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Healthy Habits For Pregnant Women

For anyone that has ever had a baby will know, there are plenty of dos and don’ts when it comes to pregnancy. There are certain foods to avoid, as well as exercises to avoid, as well as certain supplement that are recommended to take (such as folic acid). But really, if you are planning to get pregnant, there are several things to be doing before you even are pregnant. Not only will it help to make a healthy pregnancy, but some things can help to actually improve your chances of conceiving. If you’re planning to be pregnant soon (or already are), then here are some things to help you to be the healthiest that you can be, for you and for the baby.

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Hearing Myths You Need To Stop Believing

There is no denying that the Internet is a great source of information today. We have the ability to advance our knowledge in ways we could only dream about before. However, there is a downside to this, and this is the fact that there is also a lot of misinformation online, so you need to know how to weed out the good from the bad. With that being said, in this blog post, we are going to take a look at some of the most common hearing

loss myths you need to stop believing.

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What Is E-Learning? And Why Should Moms Care?

A range of professional qualifications are now available through a series of e-learning courses: courses conducted via the Internet with email support from a tutor and with peer support and discussions available through the online course forums. So if you ever wondered how you would find time to fit in that training course as a busy mom, and update your skills and qualifications  – well, this is the answer.

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4 Things to Keep in Mind When Planning a Pooch-Friendly Halloween Party

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Planning a Pooch-Friendly Halloween Party

With fall creeping around the corner it is time to start getting festive. What better way to start the holiday season than to plan an exciting Halloween party.

Why should your pet miss out on this thrilling party opportunity? Halloween is the best time for pet parents to dress up with their pets and enjoy the company of other pet parents. If you are looking to plan a Halloween party for your pet and their friends here are a bunch of things you need to pull off a successful Halloween party.


The easiest part of planning a Halloween party is the fact that you do not need to think up a theme for the party. Halloween is the theme. Shopping for Halloween decoration is an easy task. Stores start stocking Halloween decorations from the beginning of October.

If you do not want to spend too much money behind decorations you can simply look for DIY ideas. DIY Halloween decorations is an opportunity for you to up-cycle things that you would have thrown away.

While Halloween is all about the scares, a pet-friendly one should not be so. You do not want your guests spooked and in discomfort. According to pet health advice by vets, it’s best to avoid decorations that make sounds or have flashy lights.


You do not want to have a haunted house for a pet-friendly party. When inviting pets to a party remember that space is important. Cooping your guests indoors can be disastrous.

If you have a big backyard then go ahead and plan your party there. You can collaborate with other pet parents and plan it in someone else’s backyard. If no pet parent has an available space then you can even have it in your local dog park. No matter where you choose to have your party make sure you have the permission to host a party at that venue.

Day or Night

Halloween parties are held mostly at night. But when having a pet Halloween party, it is best to have it in the day. During daytime, the pets are more likely to be more active and relaxed. At night you might have to use a lot of lighting that can disturb the pets.

Pet parents also might have plans for the evening on Halloween.

During the daytime, you can even have a ton of activities that you cannot at night. You can have games and costume contests where pets and pet parents can participate. You can buy discount pet items and hand them out as prizes for the pets.


You cannot let your guests go home hungry. Have a potluck to take the pressure off of your back. Ask your guests to contribute by bringing homemade Halloween themed food which is pet-friendly. Make sure that the food that is pet safe  is marked and separated from the food that is meant for people. You do not want your guests to end up at the vet after consuming something that is poisonous to them.

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Keeping The Kids Happy At Home

The home is an important place for anyone in any stage of their life, but in many ways it is especially so for children, young and teenage. As long as the home is a welcoming and loving place for them, they are that much more likely to be happy within themselves, and to enjoy life itself much more thoroughly. There are so many different sides to getting this right that most parents are bound to forget or fail on one or two fronts, and that is natural enough. But if you want to keep your kids as happy in the home as possible, there are some basic things to make sure you are doing. As long as you have taken care of the following, you should find that your children are generally happy enough in the family home.

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Educating Your Children About Money: 5 Unmissable Tips

One of the most important aspects of parenting is providing your child with life skills. The term “life skills” can apply to a variety of areas, but there is one area that rises above all others in terms of importance: money.

Money, according to a song from a popular musical, makes the world go ‘round – yet it’s a subject that is rarely covered by standardized education. As a result, parents have to turn into teachers, and provide a thorough background in financial management – which is often easier said than done. However, help is at hand, in the form of five simple tips…

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How To Live A Healthy Life As A Family

When it comes to having a family and being a mom, you’re always going to want the best for your children and husband. It’s often natural for you to put their needs above your own and to focus on ways to make them happy. On your journey towards doing that, you may find that you try out lots of different things to make sure that you’re all leading a happy and fulfilling life. But rather than try lots of different things to work out which is the best, you could focus on one thing to begin with. And that’s going to be health. We all know that our health is important, but you can often get wrapped up in daily life and not really realize that you’re not making it a priority. Even more so, you may not even be that knowledgeable about health. But you can learn!

We all know when we feel sick. And when we’re sick, or our children are sick, or even the dog is sick, we focus on getting back to good health. But what it that level of health you were at isn’t all that healthy to begin with? You’ll often know that you have to eat healthily and exercise to feel good and you’ll often teach your children these healthy habits, but is that all it takes to be healthy? Or is there more to do?

If you really want to make sure that your whole family is leading a healthy lifestyle, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are ten tips to help you do just that.

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A Recipe For Fun: Getting Kids Interested In Cooking

Calling out “dinner is ready” is the only time the kids are interested in cooking. They want nothing to do with the prep, but they’re happy to chow down like hungry piranhas. Moms don’t need the hassle. Most would rather put the dinner on the table and get the kids to wash up afterward. It’s a solid system that has worked for years. Why change now?

The truth is that cooking is a fundamental skill which kids lack. Plus, a healthy interest in the ingredients can lead to a healthier lifestyle. With that in mind, here are the tricks of the trade.

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