Hi! I’m Lorraine. I’m a 26-year-old mom of two young boys, and a beautiful little girl. I’m married to my soulmate, Kody.

I’m a Christian stay-at-home mom who loves fishing, enjoys reading and writing, and is obsessed with cooking from scratch. I blog about life and tips from my experience transitioning into adulthood. Most of my posts are something I wish I had whenever I moved out on my own. I hope I’m able to help make your life easier, one post at a time!

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About the Blog

Lorraine Meringue is a lifestyle blog geared towards helping those just opening the doors into adulthood. We cover the topics of family, cooking, cleaning, and self-care. Each topic contains stories, tips and how-to’s designed to make the transition to adulthood as easy as possible. The family category also contains updates about our daily lives, and each of the children.

Who is the reader?

Lorraine Meringue’s reader is someone looking for tips to make their life easier. They come to the blog looking for life advice in a variety of categories, mostly meeting home management criteria. Our readers fall into the age range of 19-35, though the target ages are 18-24. Our advice works for anyone from the stay-at-home parent, to the full-time worker or student.

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