4 Overgrown Garden Dangers You Need To Fix

You’ll struggle to plant anything

It’s not grass, bushes, and trees that will be growing. Weeds and moss will have free rein to take over without you there to deal with them. This can choke the life out of your plants, even something as big as a tree, and affect the conditions of the soil to the point it can be difficult to even grow grass. A good rake or motorized lawn scarifier can help you clear up the lawn once you’ve clipped the grass only to find that moss and weeds are taking over.

It can cause real damage to the home

The more grown your garden is, the more debris it will cause. The wind picks up stray blades, leaves, twigs, and branches, and these can do real damage to people, power lines, and homes. As such, portable weed eaters can help you trim all the plant-life in the garden to the point this is no longer a danger. Even if it doesn’t injure anyone, all of this free-flying plant matter is likely to collect in your gutters, causing blockages that can then lead to leaks. If the gutters are blocked, the water that gathers will have to find new avenues to flow into, which often leads into the home.

It lets pests take control

If you want to make your home as safe as it can be, then you need to think about the pests that can contaminate your food sources, ruin your air quality, and spread diseases in the home. Many of them come into the home from the garden first, especially if you have long grass or overgrown trees they can use as “halfway houses.” Hiring an arborist to clean up your trees will make sure rodents can’t scrabble up to your windows and roof.

It can reduce your home value

Never underestimate the importance of curb appeal. It’s not an aesthetic choice, it’s a practical one when it comes to treating your home like the valuable asset that it is. When you’re tidying up your garden, be sure to give your exterior a good clean and a lick of paint if it has been affected by all of the overgrowths. Otherwise, even without any damage sustained, the faded appearance of the house can drive down the demand for it when it comes time to sell, which will affect the overall value.

Don’t underestimate the strife that an overgrown garden can cause. Follow the tips above and start to beat it back into submission so you can enjoy a little curb appeal for once.

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