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Honoring Your Elders In Everyday Life: What You Should Do

Keep hold of family heirlooms

Everybody has a piece of furniture that has followed them in every home they’ve lived in. Whether it’s an old wardrobe you inherited from your grandmother or the antique chair passed down through generations, we all love family heirlooms. They are part of our interior decor. While we often combine them with modern design, heirlooms maintain an honorary place in our home.

You can’t quite imagine your home without the old wardrobe or chair that gives your decor a personal touch. It’s not just something fun and unique; it’s also the memories of your family. Keeping them makes you feel as if your ancestors were part of your day-to-day life. 

Continue to think of them 

Honor the loved ones you have lost. Most of us count the years that have passed without them. You often see posts marking the anniversary of someone’s death, because regardless of how time passes, your affection remains the same. A lot of families add markers to their family grave, such as bronze cemetery grave markers for two people to celebrate on the anniversary of their deaths.

We may not think of it honoring our elders, yet fresh flowers that populate cemeteries are a testimonial of our desire to remember. It’s not uncommon for families to arrange the favorite dish of their loved one, or go to their favorite place. 

Wear their clothes

More and more brides are choosing to wear the dresses worn by their mothers – or their grandmothers. The trend is gaining in popularity for a variety of reasons. It is a cost-effective solution for a wedding. Buying a brand-new wedding dress can be a significant expense. But, reusing a dress that is already in your family saves you cost. But for a lot of brides, it’s also a way of keeping their loved ones close by.

Marrying in your mother’s dress gives both your wedding and hers a deeper meaning. Some dresses get amended and reworked to modern styles and trends. Yet mothers and daughters can share a unique moment of intimacy on the wedding day that brings them closer. 

Listen to their views and opinions on life

“Mom/Grandma, what did you want to do when you were my age?”

It’s a question that more and more young adults are asking. Getting to know your parents/grandparents through adulthood can transform the relationship. Discussing the person you’ve known all your life, and understanding that their views and opinions may not be completely different from yours can be eye opening.

Most of us are unaware of what our parents or grandparents have been through when it comes to difficulties related to work, relationships, or money. More often than not, you can learn a lot from their experiences. Additionally, you also discover a new sense of awareness or empathy for some decisions you wouldn’t have understood as a child. 

Cook their (and your) favorite dish

“This,” you say as you watch the tomato sauce bubbling in the saucepan, “is my grandmother’s famous bolognese recipe”. It was the best thing ever to grace the dinner table. And, years later, you still follow the same recipe that your grandmother shared with your mother, who then passed it to you.

Family recipes can preserve a culture, ensuring that regional specialties stay alive in modern memory. But, as you cook, you also keep your memory of your grandmother alive. She’s not gone as long as you can make her famous bolognese dish. 

Do you wish you could look like them at your age?

As much as growing old is nerve-wracking, most people look up to their parents and grandparents with fondness. Sure, we’d love to keep our skin as smooth and fresh as possible. But you find your mother or grandmother beautiful regardless of the wrinkles around her eyes.

Most of us see the beauty in old age, and it’s time we realize that growing old unlocks a different kind of beauty. Wrinkles don’t take away the charm or the energy of a person. Understanding and accepting that getting old doesn’t affect our worth as individuals are the lessons that our elders teach us every day. 

Honoring our elders is the kind of thing we tend to associate with Asian cultures. But, we pay respect to previous generations in a variety of ways in our everyday lives. Maintaining the bond with our seniors is the secret to a balanced and happy life. You can build on their wisdom, learn from them how to embrace the aging process, and continue loving them even after they’re long gone. Knowing about yesterday makes today and tomorrow smoother. 

Now go and squeeze the day!

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