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Honoring Your Elders In Everyday Life: What You Should Do

It’s hard to think about enjoying the aging process in a society obsessed with maintaining a youthful appearance. Most of us already have a handful of anti-aging skin care products in the bathroom. So, the idea of honoring our elders can seem a little odd. But, it doesn’t have to transform your beauty routine. Aging is an inevitable biological process. But a lot of cultures around the world are embracing old age in a positive light. 

Netflix users are the first to have noticed cultural differences when it comes to old age. With access to a variety of shows from around the world, you can spot trends and see new ways of thinking about aging. Terrified by old age, our Western culture believes growing old makes us less competent and valuable.

But, if you tuned into some South-Korean dramas, you’ll see that seniors are highly respected. If you haven’t, start your Korean discovery with Korean Odyssey. It encourages you to see past physical appearances on an adventure of wisdom, love, and Taoist divinities. Indian movies on Netflix also depict a society in which elders are at the head of the household, delivering wisdom, knowledge, and charity to all.

As such, the idea of honoring our elders may not feel as usual as it first seemed. Even Western culture has a way of celebrating ancestors and seniors. 

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