Marci’s Morning View

I got a cricut!

Welcome to the Cricut Explore Air 2. I’ve wanted a Cricut for so, so long. I was beyond thrilled when I finally had to chance to get one. On day 1 I made a Marci’s Morning View Pitcher! I also made a shirt with our logo. It isn’t the best, but it’s beautiful and its mine. Only two trapped wrinkles! Yesterday I learned a hard lesson, I set the iron a bit high and turned a letter. Again, I love the shirt and now it’s one of a kind!

The reading shirt, The Southern Smiths shirt, and Marci’s Morning View Pitcher

Aren’t they great? Okay, maybe just in my mind but it’s so cool to be able to make stuff like this. I can’t wait to master centering and application. I could even add a shopping section to the main website!

I’m in a Facebook group full of local ‘booze fairies’. Boozing is amazing (for the social drinker like myself). We mysteriously bring a basket (filled with your favorite alcohol and snacks/trinkets) and drop it off at someone/s door, and then they become a booze fairy! I said that I liked Malibu Rum, Piña Coladas, Stella Rosa, all things Hershey, 3 Musketeers, teal, and all things kitchen and office supplies. My fairy nailed every part of this!

Have you ever been boozed? If not, start a local group in your area! It’s a lot of fun. Would you like to be updated on the basket I create?

Our August Datebox came in! We’ve been ordering these boxes for almost six years now, and they never disappoint!

The August Datebox was amazing. We had two survival scenarios, a trivia game, blindfolded baking and then we discovered our fight types! Don’t forget the curated playlist and class coupon code. I’ve got more details for you right here:

So the games and finding our fight type were a lot of fun! We didn’t even take a picture of the Deep Sea Disaster because we were so enthralled. Working together as a team taught us a lot of things we didn’t already know about each other. Especially when we had to rank 10 items that may or may not help us survive across the desert!

Making cinnamon rolls with Kody blindfolded was hilarious. There will be a YouTube video about it, we took thirty-minutes worth. He was blindfolded, and I had my hands behind my back. He put his arms between my arms and body, and bam! I had arms again! My job was to vocally guide the blindfolded Kody into measuring, blending, and kneading and rolling the dough out.

At that point, he was able to remove the blindfold. We sliced the cinnamon rolls, baked them, and omgggg they were delicious y’all!

Well, those were the highlights of my week! What was your favorite part of the week? Let me know in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Marci’s Morning View”

  1. I love getting to know people better and knowing about day to day to day life. and I like cinnamon rolls too

  2. I have a cricut too, and I LOVE mine! My favorite thing to do on it is personalize gifts for family and friends.

  3. This is an amazing view into your life and I loooove the t shirts. It looks like you’re doing an amazing job and will get the hang out of it soon! Maybe I’ll look into the date boxes too!

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