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Your Guide to Health & Beauty Confidence in 2020

So, 2020 has been a bit of a bust. We entered the year as usual, with hope and expectations high, just to find within a few months that it would be the most turbulent year we’ve seen in a long time. Between the COVID-19 pandemic and the worldwide protests; the global economic recession and looming presidential election in the USA, 2020 has been a shock to all of our systems. This year’s repercussions have wreaked havoc on our jobs, homes, and health. If you’ve been struggling, you’re definitely not alone.

With the second half of the year we’ve seen countries around the world slowly get back to their regularly scheduled programming. We might ask ourselves “How am I supposed to get back to normal?”. Many people, especially women, found the quarantine period freeing; there were no social pressures to have perfect hair, perfect nails, perfect skin and a perfect body. We just existed in our own homes, and  those appeariential pressures evaporated away. Coming back to our workplaces and gatherings might start the creeping of old pressures. Returning to haunt us and throw us off track from the personal zen we may have created.

How do we cope?

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  1. Hope that my beauty and self-confidence will boost in 2020 thanks to this guide. It will be quite useful.

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