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3 Clever Actions That Will Transform Your Home Overnight

Paint the front of your house

I’m not talking about the entire house, just the front. The side facing the road. This is a job that you can usually complete in one day. The difference it makes will shock you. There are multiple advantages, one being the positive perception you’ll have of your property as you return home each day. This is an attitude to continue once you start on the inside, and might even motivate you towards cleaning!

Additionally, the curb appeal will be boosted by the new paint. This will also make a better impression on visitors and help sell the property once the time comes.

Get rid of clutter

We live in a time where clutter is the bane of our existence, especially when you have kids. Toys and games take up a lot of space, not to mention clothes and furniture items gone through as they grow.

To make a massive difference, removing clutter is essential. One way is to look around and pick things that you haven’t used in the last six months. Choose to sell or donate them, clearing up clutter while also helping others.

It can be challenging when trying to decide if you want to get rid of something for good. Especially if it has sentimental value, or there’s a chance you could use it again (like a toddler bed). There’s an option to relieve some pressure, though. Use storage units to keep items you’re undecided on. This will give you extra time to consider whether to keep them, while also clearing clutter from your home.

Give the children chores

This isn’t making dinner or doing DIY’s. Just having the kids get involved in creating a more pleasing environment. Kids from 10+ can air out their beds and tidy up toys without help. Children younger than that can work with a sibling to complete tasks like setting the table.

This will not only get the kids to help make your home a happier place to live, but it will build excellent habits for when they get older.

25 thoughts on “3 Clever Actions That Will Transform Your Home Overnight”

  1. An ample space is what I need right now, especially we got two new pups who occupies a lot of space in the house.

  2. Decluttering has been my life saver! I daily find at least a few things we can get rid of! I also love that my kids are old enough to have chores and help. It may be minimal because they are small but it is still helpful.

    1. I can’t wait for all three of my children to be able to help with chores. Keeping up with all of the housework can be so tiring!

  3. Painting and decluterring surely makes a huge difference! Currently trying to assign chores to My kids as well😊failing so far😂

    1. I’m almost done painting the front rooms of my house. Assigning chores to the kids is proving tiring, though.

  4. We did paint our entire house actually and it made a great difference. Increased the curb appeal so we can command a higher price when we sell it.

    Paula Richie

  5. I am looking forward to reading which are these tricks. I just moved to a new home and I love how I managed to organise everything and make it looks very homey.

  6. You are so right that getting rid of the clutter does make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home. Also, dividing up the chores so that each household member can do their bit really helps everyone in the long run.

    1. Decluttering makes the biggest difference, but it’s the hardest for me to do! Then getting the kids in line to help.. it’s sometimes a disaster to be honest!

  7. I’m working on decluttering at the moment. I have been trying to give the children chores, this is a great way to reduce the load on me and help them learn how to do more around the house.

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