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Benefits of Strength-Training

It’s recommended that we do two strength-training sessions every week, as well as at least three thirty-minute or more cardio workouts. But, many of us, especially women, neglect strength work altogether. You might think that if you want to lose weight, you should focus on burning more calories from cardio. Or, that cardio is more effective if you want to improve your health and increase your stamina. Many women worry that if they weight lift, they’ll develop a manly body.

But, none of this is true. Women are unlikely to develop a more manly body and generally become toned and muscular in a way that suits a feminine figure and strength work is vital to any fitness goals. 

Strength training doesn’t have to mean hitting the weights either. As well as weight lifting, workouts like yoga and Pilates focus on strength and toning. Check out Club4Fitness for some other strength workout ideas. Here’s a look at just some of the benefits of strength training, if you need more convincing. 

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You’ll Be Stronger

The most obvious benefit of strength training, whether it’s weight lifting or other strength work, is that it will make you stronger. Your muscles will be firmer and more toned, your body will look leaner, and you’ll find it much easier to lift heavy loads. 

Strength Training Can Make It Easier to Lose Weight

People that lift weights and practice other forms of strength training often find that it is easier to lose weight, or to maintain a healthy weight. Aerobic exercises like running, burn more calories and help us to lose weight. But, strength training increases our resting metabolism. This means that even hours (and in some cases days) after your workout, your body continues to burn more calories. For the best results, team strength and cardio.

A Stronger Body Is Less Likely to Get Injured

Increased muscle mass and a stronger body is a healthier body. You are less likely to become injured when running, or taking part in other exercises, and you may even find that your immune system works better. 

Your Cardio Performance Will Improve

Say you are a swimmer. Practicing swimming will improve your times and performance. But, strength training, such as lifting weights in the gym, will mean that your body can perform better. As a swimmer, you might focus on building shoulder muscles and core strength. 

Strength Training Can be a Great Confidence Boost

One of the best things about strength work is that there are quick and clear results. You can see what you are lifting. You don’t need to wait for times. These measurable results can be a significant confidence boost. 

Focus on Strength for Improved Posture

Increased core strength is one of the best ways to improve your posture, which also improves back health. A strong body stands straighter and taller and is less likely to slouch. 

It Could Boost Your Energy Levels

Strength work can be a great wake up. It releases endorphins and adrenaline quickly and wakes your muscles effectively. Practice strength training first thing in the morning and your energy levels might stay high all day.

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