These Are The Grilling Tips You Need To Know


If you are new to using a grill, there are a lot of different things you will want to think about. Grilling food is always fun and often you’ll be able to gain some unique flavours that you couldn’t attain with other cooking methods. Today we are going to take a look and share some handy grilling tips you should know as a beginner.


Manage the heat


When grilling food for the first time, by far one of the hardest things to manage is heat. Fire can be unpredictable at time and it is important to use helpful techniques for efficient cooking. Whether you use a lighter or a looftligther (read this looftlighter review) for your grill, controlling cooking temperature is key to great food. Always preheat the grill for at least 10 minutes before cooking to gain an even heat, and only use high heat for searing. When cooking food that is thicker than an inch, close the lid of the grill to allow the inside to cook evenly.




The classic sign of a great grilled food is the sear lines that show. These sear lines are characteristic of the grill and they add a wonderful characterised flavour to the dish. To achieve the perfect brown and sear you can add oil or flour to the surface of your meat. Make sure to cook on medium to high heat so that the outside doesn’t totally burn while the inside cooks. Always give food ample space on the grill for cooking.




If you are looking to smoke some meat on your grill, you will need to buy yourself some hardwood pellets. This will give any food cooked on the grill a smoky, woody flavour. You can either sprinkle hardwood pellets directly onto the grill box, or place some in tin foil, wrap the tin foil around, and add a few air holes for smoke to escape. When smoking food always leave the lid on so that the meat takes on that rich flavour.


Temperature essentials


If you want to ensure that every piece of meat you cook on the grill is perfect, it is important to think about the internal temperature. Here is a list of the temperatures you should look for when cooking different meats.


Fish  –  62.8°C (145° F)

Ground meat  –  71°C (160° F)

Poultry  – 74°C (165° F)

Beef Temperatures:

Rare –  49-59°C (120-130° F)

Medium-rare – 59-64°C (130-135° F)

Medium –  64-74 °C (135-145° F)

Medium-well  – 74-84°C  (145-155° F)

Well-done – 84°C  (155° F)





The most important thing to make sure of when using a grill is that you clean it properly afterwards. A grill is a device that will be stored outside, and it will come into contact with a lot of meat and other foods. To ensure that your grill can be used for years to come you need to clean it right. Always clean before you cook with a lightly soapy grill brush. After cooking, clean thoroughly with a brush and also think about placing a sprig of rosemary in the grill to make it smell great as it cools.