Four Fall Maintenance Jobs You’ll Be Glad You Had Done

Image via Pixabay – C00 Licence

Summer is a whirlwind of barbecues and backyard parties during which time you’re busy enjoying your home with your family, friends and loved ones.  Home maintenance may not have been at the top of your list as you got on with enjoy those precious times in the sunshine. With the season drawing to a close, however, it’s time to think about tackling some of the essential maintenance jobs that have been sitting on your list for a while. Taking steps now to get your home prepped for the winter months means you’re ahead of the game. It also helps to prevent small matters piling up and turning into bigger, costlier issues. For some things it’s easy to do it yourself, whereas at other times or for larger jobs you may want to call in a professional. So what should you be looking at in the home during fall?

Service Your Heating System

You may not be thinking of using your heating system just yet, but it’s the ideal time for a service and any necessary repair work before the winter rush. After all, you don’t want to find out there’s a problem after the mercury has dropped where you’ll be suffering the cold or long waiting times to get an engineer out. Have any furnaces tested, your central heating system serviced and any open chimneys cleaned so that you know you’ll be cosy and warm when winter bites.

Inspect Your Roof And Guttering

It’s essential to make sure that your home is watertight for the coming bad weather. With roofing, small issues are very easy and inexpensive to repair, but if left unattended they can quickly escalate and develop into serious problems that can cause a lot of damage. Have a professional check for any signs of wear – depending on the type of roof you have you may need cracked and damaged tiles replaced or new vinyl siding – and have someone clear out the gutters so there aren’t any blockages which causing overflows and leaking.

Fill In Cracks And Gaps

A tube of sealant could be the only thing standing between you and lower energy bills this winter. Tackle any little cracks in the walls or gaps between the window and door frames while it’s still fall. Using silicone caulking or weather stripping is easy to do, even as a DIY fix – there are plenty of YouTube tutorials on sealing window frame gaps. The less warm air that is allowed to escape, the more comfortable your living environment and the less money you have to spend on heating.

Test Out Your Sump Pump

If you don’t know how to test out your sump pump it’s definitely something that you should learn how to do, as a little basic maintenance can really help you to save money in the long term. Preventing a backup is crucial, especially if you have experienced a dry summer. Basic maintenance can be done and instructions are usually found in the owner’s manual, but you will need to seek professional assistance for any major repairs.

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