Wedding Craft Projects to DIY

You’ve got the partner, you’ve got the ring, and you’ve got the excitement of your family and friends asking you about all things wedding. Getting engaged to the love of your life is an incredibly exciting stage of life. You now want to get planning your special day to make it a truly memorable experience for everyone around as you get ready to say ‘I do’. The costs of all those special touches can really add up. Here are 5 wedding craft projects you can DIY to add a personal touch to your unique day. 


If you’re going for a traditional country style wedding, there’s always room for bunting. Simple, rustic looking bunting can be made simply using ribbons and triangles of fabric that can simply be sewn together. Strung together with string lights for a romantic feel to your room. 

Toiletry Baskets for Bathrooms 

Baskets with miniature toiletries in the bathrooms can be the saving grace of any potential mishaps at a wedding. Place feminine hygiene products, hair spray, deodorant, breath mints and gum in baskets along with candies and perfume to help your guests to freshen up. It may not add a lot to the grandeur of the occasion, but it’ll certainly help maintain the cheerful atmosphere.  A thoughtful and personal touch to a wedding. 

Mr & Mrs Glasses …or ANYTHING 

Etsy and EBay are great resources to produce personalized touches for a wedding. However, there is also a lot of potential to make these things alone. Search websites such as to shop and compare vinyl cutters that can be used for many of your personalized wedding crafts. You can easily cut transfers for champagne flutes to give the extra touches to your toasts– they also make excellent keepsakes for after the wedding! 

DIY Photo Booths 

Photo booths are fun and memorable. It creates memorable keepsakes for guests and the happy couple themselves. Get creative with costumes, wigs and props and use Polaroid cameras-why not have your guests use their pictures next to their messages in your guest book? Anyone who has used social media in the past 10 years has run into countless fake mustaches. It’s easy, it’s affordable and it’s fun.

Centerpieces and Cake Toppers

Centerpieces don’t have to be show stoppers. They can also be functional and fun. Don’t have room for a photo booth? Thankfully, there will be no shortage of high-quality cameras and amateur photographers in attendance. Artfully arrange a bunch of fake mustaches and maybe a few sentimental things as well and let people make their own fun — and lasting memories for you.

In the end, the most important part of a wedding is not the decoration. It’s not how much it all costs. Focus on what matters — the ceremony itself — and have fun with the rest. Spending a fortune is not what makes a wedding memorable. Use the money on the honeymoon. Get creative on the rest. It might be a lot more fun than you might expect. 

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