5 Ways To Save Money

We’d all like to be able to save a bit more every month but sometimes no sooner has the paycheck landed in our accounts, then it’s out again thanks to bills, rent, car payments, school fees and medical treatments. Throw in something unexpected like a large bill, or denied insurance claims, and things can seem impossible. It’s not easy pinching pennies, and it’s important to know what items you should pay extra for such as quality meats, a cable provider or comprehensive insurance and those that, if you know where to look, you can get for less.  

Buy In Bulk

No matter what time of the year household goods such as toilet paper, bin bags, soap, kitchen roll and laundry detergent are items we need. However, it could be worth stocking up while deals are on, buy one get one free, three for ten dollars etc, to save money in the long run or even consider buying your essentials elsewhere. Supermarkets tend to mark up prices on household items so it may be cheaper to purchase them online, visit a warehouse or even buy them at the drugstore.

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Stick To Your Grocery List

We all arrive at the supermarket determined to buy what’s on the list and only that but somehow by the time we arrive at the till it never happens. If you can, avoid taking children with you when grocery shopping as the basket will be piled high with sweets and chocolate or distract them by turning looking for items into a game. They’ll be so busy trying to find the pasta that they’ll forget to add the candy. Sticking to a list helps you identify what you eat the most and means you’ll be on the lookout for deals as well as looking to see if there are cheaper alternatives. Make sure you eat a proper meal before you browse the aisles, as it’ll remove the temptation to throw anything and everything into the shopping cart so you can just get home.

Switch Off Your Appliances

Even when you’ve removed your phone from the charger electricity still continues to flow through the cable if it’s still turned on at the wall. By making sure all devices, cables not in use and even lights are switched off before you leave the house each morning you could lower your monthly electricity bill by around ten percent as well as helping the environment.

Research Big Purchases

Big purchases such as a new TV, games console or sofa require a little bit of thought and preparation to avoid you spending cash unnecessarily. Make a note of the make and model of the item that you like, check the price and look around. Online retailers tend to have more stock, but independent dealers will have more freedom to negotiate so decide what’s important to you and go from there.

A Dollar A Day

A dollar may not seem like much but if you pop a buck into a savings account, or even a glass jar, every day over the course of a year you’ll then have $365 to spend. A healthy savings account will help pay for surprise family holidays, a different car or a boatload of new gadgets.

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