The Challenge Of Controlling A Hot Home

During the winter, we may moan that it’s too cold and that we don’t like how freezing our fingers and toes are. Yet when it comes to summer we almost kid ourselves that hot weather is better. In fact one could argue that for safety concerns, winter is far better. At least in winter, you can control your body temperature by putting layers on and turning up the heating. When it gets hot what can you do other than take layers of clothing off? What if it’s so hot that the ground and air outside makes opening windows and doors useless because there’s no breeze? Now you have a safety concern especially when you have a young family. You could run a cold shower but for how long can you be in the water? So what can you do when your home is hot and you don’t know how to control the temperature inside it? Firstly you have to realize that you should prepare for summer just like you do for winter. We know winter is going to be giving us certain challenges like cold mornings and ice on the roads, so we prepare our cars and homes for it. The same approach should be adopted for summer.

Heatwave mode

Heatwaves are no joke, hundreds of people die every year from essentially just baking to death. The young and the old are more susceptible to this kind of fate so if you have young children in the home, cooling your home down should be taken very seriously. Go into a heatwave mode in your home. Shield your windows so the hot sun cannot penetrate into your home. Fix louvers to your windows so you can shut out the sunrays. You can also use thick blankets that are hung from the windows to achieve this but they might transfer heat from themselves to you. Plug the vents or extraction fans in your home so that cool air cannot escape and hot air cannot force it’s way in. Put bottles of water in the fridge so at any time someone can drink something cold and regulate their body temperature this way. Stock up on foods that are going to be stored in the fridge also, such as salads, sandwiches and cold meats.

Repair and prepare

Air conditioning units take a hell of a pounding during very hot summers. Don’t forget that they have many moving parts and because they are made out of metal, they expand due to the heat. This can cause friction and a sudden seizure that stops parts from functioning properly. Be prepared to call someone like Trane ac repair that can come directly to your home no matter where you are or what time of the day or night it is, and get your air-conditioning unit fixed. They have a 24-hour emergency callout service, with a 5-star approval rating and can get to you in around 45 minutes. Have their details on standby in case you are in trouble.

A hot home can act like an oven for the occupants inside. Your family should be prepared for a heatwave scenario and take it just as seriously as you would a deep freeze winter.

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