Hearing Aid 101: Tips And Tricks For New Users

If you have reached a point in your life where you are struggling to hear simple things and maintain conversations with people around you, it could be a sign that you need to have a hearing test and maybe even a hearing aid.

Getting a hearing aid is nothing to feel bad about and there are so many people in the world who have to use one to increase their ability to hear and their quality of life in general. If you need to get a hearing aid this year, here are some of the top maintenance and repair as well as useful tips to stick to for easy use.

Hearing Aid 101: Tips And Tricks For New Users

1. Wear them as much as possible

When you get a hearing aid it is important for you to make sure you wear it as much as you can during the day. The whole purpose of a hearing aid is to provide a service to you and make it easier for you to hear the things going on around you. If you don’t wear the hearing aid frequently is there any point in even having it?

2. Use them when it’s quiet

To get the most out of your hearing aid you need to think about using your hearing aid in quiet places for example during a meeting at work or maybe when you are at home having a one to one conversation with a family member. You will notice a huge difference in your ability to communicate with your family and this can make your life so much easier.

3. Listen

When you have been struggling with your hearing for a long time it can be far too easy to fall into bad habits and end up turning up the volume of your TV to the max whenever you switch it on. But to get the most out of your hearing aid and this new way of life make sure that you try to listen to the TV at a lower volume and make out what people are saying. This will train your ears to pick up more sounds and it will improve your hearing in the long run.

4. Use them in noisy places

When you are out walking near a busy road, in a school playground or a supermarket it is important to make sure that you turn on your hearing aid to allow you to make out what is going on around you and distinguish one sound from another instead of hearing a whole mess of noise. It will allow you to feel safer in your surroundings.

5. Making calls

When you make a phone call with a hearing aid in, it is important to remember that you should tile the phone slightly over the earpiece but don’t press it completely on to the hearing aid because this can cause feedback in your ear. Be cautious when using the phone and always ensure you avoid this whistling sound because it can damage your ears.

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