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Is It Time to Ditch the Gym and Focus on Team Sports Instead?

Is It Time to Ditch the Gym and Focus on Team Sports Instead?

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Every adult should engage with one hundred and fifty minutes of moderate aerobic exercise on a weekly basis, or seventy five minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise instead. Now, the majority of us will achieve this by joining our local gym. This makes sense. The local gym is easy to get to, has a wide variety of equipment on offer, and may even offer specialist classes for us to get involved with. You can access it during rain or shine, and many establishments are relatively affordable. But, when it comes down to it, the gym isn’t for all of us. Some of us don’t thrive in situations where we have to work alone, and have to rely on self-control to actually finish the amount of exercise that we are supposed to. If you find that you are a more social individual, thrive when you are engaging with competition, or simply want to try something new, team sports might prove a whole lot more appropriate and enjoyable. So, here are a couple of different options that you might want to consider trying out!


Chances are you’ve watched plenty of professional basketball on the television, but have never slipped on custom basketball jerseys and hit the courts yourself. Well, it’s time for this to change. Most areas will have a local team, and while you may not make the cut immediately, you can attend training sessions and improve your skills under the supervision of a professional coach relatively easily. Perhaps the best part of basketball is that you can practice yourself between classes to improve your skills. You can jog, skip, and run for free in your local park or area to improve your stamina and overall fitness levels. Basketballs themselves are also pretty cheap, so you could pick one up and practice your dribbling at home too!


If you’re better with your feet than your hands when it comes to sport, you might want to try soccer out. Soccer teams generally consist of eleven players, who then take on an opposition of eleven players to score as many goals across the pitch as possible. There’s a whole lot to practice when it comes to this sport, from dribbling the ball to passing, shooting, and tackling. But after a few sessions, all of this information should come to you pretty naturally. Before joining any team or attending any training, make sure to find out whether you will be playing on grass, astroturf, or indoors. This will help you to determine what kind of footwear you will need to take along, as there are different types of football boots for each type of terrain.

These are just two different team sports that exist. There are, of course, plenty more out there. Take your time to browse your different options and choose what’s best for you

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