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Easy Ways To Make Any Room Feel More Spacious

Small spaces are both challenging and charming. When designed correctly, they can feel warm, cozy, and safe, but all too often this isn’t the case. Instead, they’re designed in a way that leaves you feeling cramped and claustrophobic, which is the opposite of the calm and relaxed state you would want to be in. Making a small space seem larger might seem like a difficult and near impossible task, but it’s actually a lot easier than you might think. Keeping that in mind, here are four easy ways you can make any room in your home feel much more spacious.

Easy Ways To Make Any Room Feel More Spacious

Clear Away Unnecessary Clutter

Your home should look lived in, but it certainly doesn’t need to be filled to the brim with clutter. In fact, the only clutter you should keep out on your counters and in view are things that you use every single day. For example, if your bathroom window is filled with toiletries that you only use on rare occasions, put them away in a cabinet or cupboard. This will open up the space, making it seem lighter and larger. If you’re having trouble storing all of your belongings, then it might be time for a clear out, so go through every room and get rid of things you no longer need.

Scale Down Your Furniture

When you’re dealing with a small space, proportions are incredibly important, so avoid buying furniture that looks oversized. To create a sense of openness, you should move furniture away from your walls and leave a small gap. This tricks the eye into thinking the space is more roomy than it actually is. If you can’t fit all of your furniture in a room without them brushing up the walls or one another, then at least one of your pieces is too big. The only exception to this rule would be your bedroom, as a bed that fits comfortably between two walls can feel cozy and cave-like.

Let The Light In

Even the smallest of rooms will look larger if they’re well lit, so be sure that your space isn’t filled with shadows and dark spots. Be sure to increase and emphasise natural light, by opening up or removing your curtains and opting for light, reflective colors, like white and blue. Mirrors and reflective furniture are also useful for this purpose. You should also boost the artificial light in your space, by installing more light fittings, like the ones from Sunpan. If this still leaves you with dark areas, be sure to add some floor or table lamps to brighten the place up.

Opt For Cooler Colors

Dark and warm colors can help a space to feel intimate and cozy, which is perfect when dealing with rooms that are too large and open. Because you have the opposite issue, you should use the opposite solution and opt for cooler, lighter colors, like whites, blues, and greens. This should make your space feel much more open and airy. To have the best effect, you should stick to a monochromatic color scheme and choose colors that are all in the same family. This will bring elegance and style to your room, eliminating color clashes and emphasising space.

Small rooms can be a nightmare, so use the tips above to help your space feel more spacious.

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