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A Recipe For Fun: Getting Kids Interested In Cooking

Calling out “dinner is ready” is the only time the kids are interested in cooking. They want nothing to do with the prep, but they’re happy to chow down like hungry piranhas. Moms don’t need the hassle. Most would rather put the dinner on the table and get the kids to wash up afterward. It’s a solid system that has worked for years. Why change now?

The truth is that cooking is a fundamental skill which kids lack. Plus, a healthy interest in the ingredients can lead to a healthier lifestyle. With that in mind, here are the tricks of the trade.

A Recipe For Fun: Getting Kids Interested In Cooking

Involve Them

The first basic step is to get them involved from an early age. If their relationship with food is positive, then it is something they will continue to do in the future. Passions don’t fade away easily. Of course, what they do should suit their age. Asking a five-year-old to whisk eggs and flour is a recipe for disaster, even if they do have fun. Make it an interactive process by getting them to solve problems. For example, when they ask “what do we do next, mommy?” tell them to read the instructions. It will keep them engaged and give them a sense of purpose.

Choose Fun Dishes

Sure, it’s important to introduce them to healthy ingredients, but be aware that a kale salad isn’t exciting. So, they are likely to turn off and lose focus which is a bad thing. There are healthy dishes that are incredibly enjoyable to make, such as smoothies, and they should be on the list. Still, it’s nice to treat the kids once-in-a-while with deep-fried Oreos. You can find the recipe here, even though it is a cholesterol buster. Eating the finished product is as important as creating it in the first place.

Let Them Experiment

There is nothing wrong with following orders as a grown-up, yet kids have an innate desire to rebel. Tell them one thing and they’ll do the other. It’s as inevitable as the sun rising in the morning. Therefore, it’s a wise move to let them mix ingredients when they cook. Firstly, it’s fun and engaging, which is the whole point. Secondly, it teaches them about the art of cooking. Encouraging their culinary flair is what will lead them to cook up a storm in the kitchen in the long-term. Be careful though because some of the initial dishes may be inedible!

Keep It Short And Sweet

There is nothing worse than keeping kids working for hours. Their little arms and legs will get tired, as will their minds. When this happens, you can kiss goodbye to cooking. They’d rather sit in front of the TV and watch Peppa Pig. So, try and keep tasks short and sweet. For instance, bake things such as fairy cakes which only take thirty minutes to cook. By the time you’ve cleaned up, they’ll be ready to eat and the gratification will be instant. Children need quick fixes as opposed to long-term goals.

What do you think – will your kids don an apron and get to work?

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