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Summer Is Coming: So How Do You Plan On Occupying The Kids?

The long summer break is fast approaching and with that comes a real split on how you feel about it. On the one hand, you might be really looking forward to spending extra time with your children. But on the other side of things you may be worried about stimulation and keeping them occupied, or having to logistically organise childcare due to work commitments. It can be a very exhausting time on the lead up to summer break. So I thought I would share with you some of the things you could consider to keep your children occupied this summer.

Summer Is Coming: So How Do You Plan On Occupying The Kids?

Organise some days out

One of the first things that you can consider doing would be to organise some days out. If you plan these in advance you can spread them across the summer break. It might be a trip to the local farm, a theme park, or heading to. Anew town or city and exploring it. I understand that many days out means there is a huge cost to consider, but if you do spread the over time you can reduce what you do. Also booking online and in advance means you may be able to save on ticket prices or apply specific discount codes or coupons to bring the overall cost down.

Enrol them in sports clubs

A lot of kids love and enjoy things like sport, and thankfully either after school or during the summer, there are plenty of clubs you can enrol your child into so that they can enjoy some time doing something a little different. Websites like can give you ideas for football, but there are also sports like tennis, or basketball that could be of interest. If you look online you maybe able to find out what is going on locally and then sign up.

Think of things you can do outside

The next thing to consider would be what you can do at home, and the ideal scenario would be to have your children outside as much as possible. It might be that you could consider things like chalking on the patio, doing paints or crafts in the garden, or even just encouraging your children to take their toys outside and enjoy the fresh air. Websites like are full of ideas to inspire you.

Keep a good stock of snacks on hand

Having children at home means that you will be needing to have a good stock of snacks in the house. On warm days, homemade popsicles are a great idea. Using real fruit juice and not adding any additional sugar means they are cool and healthier treats. It can be difficult to have a healthy approach in the summer, but it certainly could help.

Arrange playdates with friends

Finally, why don’t you organise playdates with friends over the summer months. If you plan in advance you should be able to book in park visits or even heading to local museums or swimming pools for some fun. It is always good to have friends close by, as it keeps them sociable for school and also gives you the chance of some adult conversation.

I hope that these ideas have inspired you when it comes to keeping the kids occupied during the summer.

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