How Much Would You Pay For A Third Of Your Life?

As human beings, we look out into the natural world and we find wildlife amazing. Creatures that run so fast, soar into the clouds off their own power and animals that pretty much out-do us in almost every single way. But if the animal kingdom could speak our language just for a second, all the creatures, small and tall would call us weird. We are animals but we stand upright on two legs. To the rest of the life on this planet, we’re the odd ones out. And yet we have amazing bodies and biology that allows us to be flexible and incredibly agile. All that comes at a cost of our pressure zones in the back. Our vertebrae keep us standing and all the while remain fluid and dexterous. For one-third of our life, we are asleep but the one thing that usually doesn’t get a rest is our back. It’s the bridge that connects our head to our lower body. It curves and bears the weight of our skeleton and muscle mass while we lay on our mattresses. And when we’re awake, we sit down for a lot of the time at work, in our cars, at coffee shops etc. Being a better friend to yourself is so peculiar to some of us that we have to be taught how. If this remotely sounds like you, well today’s your lucky day then.

How Much Would You Pay For A Third Of Your Life?

A better way to sit

It’s a trend that historians will study for a long time to come in the future; the digital job age. We now as a species, sit down for most of the working day. Some studies have got some companies so alarmed that they have built standing-up-offices where all employees are required to stand at their desks. This is in a bid to improve posture and lessen the compression on our lumbar spines. In all honesty, that’s a bit of an overreaction and perhaps even some kind of social fad that implements something different just for the sake of it.

Executive chair designers are not taking this kind of fad sitting down; pardon the pun. Office chairs have gone through a transformation from an admittedly archaic design to something that caters more for our natural skeletal curves. Take a look at these kinds of chairs; they employ thinking that is backed by health specialists. Less padding at the edges of the seat is present so that our legs are slightly over a 90-degree angle or more which straightens our pelvis and lower back. Instead, the legs at pointed slightly upward so our hips remain in a relaxed position. Then a pillow or pad is placed right at the bottom of the back so our lumbar spine remains in its natural curvature. To increase comfort, the chair can be winged so our shoulders are supported. And finally, a neck pad or pillow is situated at the top of the backrest so our necks remain curved and carry the weight of our head. If you have a job that involves a lot of sitting, then buy and bring your own chair to the office. Obviously, the same approach can be taken for a home office also.

A better way to sleep

Our days consist of working, running errands, doing chores and maintaining our lifestyle. We get off work, pick the kids up from school and as soon as we have walked through the front door, food is on our mind. We barely have enough time for ourselves before we need to start meal preparations for dinner. By the end of it all, we go to sleep in order to get recharged, and ready to do it again the next day. Sleep becomes just something we do, rarely actually thinking about it or caring about our health as we sleep. The back again is the part of our bodies that will need to adapt. Different sleeping positions require the back to bend and twist to accommodate our upper and lower body. We ask a lot of the 33 vertebrae bones that make up our spines.

If you have ever woken up with more aches and pains in your back than when you went to bed with, your mattress is not doing its part in aiding your comfort. In fact, a bad mattress can be worse than sleep on the cold hard floor. The best mattresses according to House Method is a combination of comfort and practicality. The firmness and malleability of the material and construction of the mattress will determine how well it supports and calm your body. The biomechanics of your body and how they are subsidized by the design is gone into detail in their review. The consumer treatment is not overlooked by any means. The various companies that offer trial periods, different shipping and return policies, warranty, in-home setup and possible labor to help you are also considered in the multitude of reviews. A layer of detail that often gets cast aside is anything but in their review. The material is important despite many of us using sheets and linen to cover the mattress. Natural materials like cotton and wool gives the mattress breathing ability while synthetic fibers are going to last longer and perhaps be more rugged. Sleep is irreplaceable by anything else in this world. Our minds and bodies need it to live and function properly, so investing in a great mattress will definitely improve your life without question.

Sitting down for too long is one thing, but to make it a lifestyle habit is the bigger issue that we as a modern society have. We have literally made a problem where there wasn’t one. Standing up for the entire day isn’t great for the veins in our legs but good for posture. An executive chair with an orthopaedic design not only helps your hips and pelvis but your lower and upper back. A firm but adaptive mattress support your sacrum and encourages the natural bend in our spine so you wake up with less back pain than when you went to bed. Getting it to your home and fitting it may rely on you or the company as some do provide fitting services. Read the review carefully and see which favors your family and body. 

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