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Blogging Angle: Keep All Your Blogging Business Online

When I started my blogging business, part of the appeal was that I’m able to do it all online. I don’t have to go into the office to have meetings with people. Some expect to attend an event, but this is often only for a particular type of blogger.

Hard as I try, though, there are always people trying to get in my way. They want you to talk on the phone (seriously, can’t we text this?) or perhaps even come and meet them at their office. *shivers* I know. It’s a nightmare.

Some times I’m even being inundated with snail mail. If these are frustrating things for you, or you just want to be able to travel freely while you blog, try these tips to keep your blogging activities completely online.

Keep Your Blogging Business Online - The Southern Smiths : Learn the ways I avoid doing /any/ business in person!

Blogging Angle: Keep All Your Blogging Business Online

Avoid Working with Local People

The great thing about working online is that you can work with anyone, anywhere. Some bloggers find it beneficial to make connections with local businesses and people, but that’s not suitable for everyone. I’ve been known to promote a local business or two if I really love their products, but not often.

If you want to avoid being tied to a particular location or asked to meet people in person (yikes), try not to work with local people. Don’t advertise your services as being based in a particular place. You’re an international professional who can work with anyone. Of course, if you want to do this, it might be best to avoid basing your own blog around a particular location.

Say No to Snail Mail

Even though so many things are online these days, not everything is. You can still get a lot of mail, even though a lot of the time it might seem unnecessary. If you don’t want to receive lots of mail, but you’re also worried about missing out, there is a solution. If you visit, you can see how a virtual PO box might help you. Instead of getting paper mail, your mail will be scanned and digitized for you. You’ll still be able to see what people send you, but you won’t have to deal with the paper.

Emphasize Online Communication

Do you have social anxiety? You’re not alone, it’s super common for people to want to avoid talking on the phone or receiving paper mail. Maybe you find phone calls hard to fit into your schedule, for example. Or perhaps you like to have a good record of your conversations, which is more difficult to do when you talk on the phone.

Emphasize that you like to communicate using other methods, such as email, video calls or instant messaging. Many other people also prefer to dish things out online, or will follow your lead. Just make it clear that you will use other methods if it’s really necessary (is it ever really, though?).

Use Video Calls for Meetings

Having meetings with more than one person is tricky when you don’t want to do it offline. If you don’t want to meet in person or speak on the phone, what can you do?

The internet comes to your rescue! You can use video calls or phone calls over the internet to keep everything online and often save yourself some money. Skype, for example, gives you the option of video calls and phone calls. Facebook Messenger does this also! You can use either to speak to one person or a group of people.

Be Quicker with Email

If you’re encouraging people to communicate via email, show them that email doesn’t have to be slow and laborious. A lot of people think that they can get things done quicker over the phone, which is sometimes true. However, it’s also often quicker and clearer for everyone to type out what they need to say (as long as you’re both quick to reply). An alternative is to again look at some form of instant chat or messaging, which works much quicker than emailing.

Keep Things Running Smoothly Online

A sure-fire way to avoid having to do any offline work is to make sure you always keep things running online. If your email host isn’t working, you might have people trying to contact you in other ways. Or if you have no internet access at all, you’ll have to rely on getting in touch with people using alternative methods and won’t get any work done. Avoid downtime by choosing the best services to help you stay online.

If you want to do all your blogging business online, it’s not too hard. But you might sometimes need to make accommodations for other people.

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