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Potty Training Fundamentals

Potty training is something that can be easy, or it can be a nightmare. Listen closely here: there is no hard and fast rule to potty training. A lot of books say it’s done in a week, but for the majority of us it’s not that simple. In any case, here are the fundamentals when it comes to ensuring your child is potty trained properly.

Potty Training Fundamentals - The Southern Smiths : A few tips to successfully get that kid out of diapers!

Take A Seat: The Fundamentals Of Potty Training

Make Sure They Are Ready

It could very well be that your child is not ready for potty training, but they will give you the signs. For example, they may want to go away from you to do their business in private. Or, they are getting frustrated with their diapers. There’s no rule saying how old they should be- you have to wait for them to show the signs. My oldest son was three when he finally started!

Get Them Used To The Toilet

Next, it’s important to purchase a little toilet for them to use themselves and get used to this. They might not want to sit down on it at first, so don’t force the issue. Just be there for them, and maybe distract them by reading a storybook! You don’t want them to play on it too long, though. It’s important to make sure that they are used to the toilet and what it is used for, it’s at this point that you can turn it into one of their healthy habits, where they will go to the toilet to do their business. Another big step in potty training is to stop changing their diaper in the living room, and move it to the toilet or bathroom, so they begin to associate this act with the toilet.

Starting Night-Time Training

You can purchase training underwear for toddlers, to ensure that it’s a smooth transition, but you need to make sure that they are able to go on the potty in the day before you begin any night-time training. With 3 to 4 accidents during the day, they’re not trained yet. Have them potty trained for at least a month before you start to think about training in the night, and make sure they have a few nights in a row of dry diapers under their belt before progressing.

Remember, accidents will happen, and it’s not just the fact that your child is ready, but you need to be ready too. It can be stressful if they have an accident in the middle of the night; this is why it’s important to take the training day by day. While some of these books say you can do it within a week, but this is if you are constantly by the side of your child, which, in the modern world, is not feasible. Take it in your stride, and remember to see the funny side. There’s no rush, but once you have this nailed, it will certainly make life easier.


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