Heartbreaking News: These Bad Habits Are Damaging Your Heart

We have some heartbreaking news for you, literally! There are bad habits that many of us partake in that are damaging to our hearts. It’s not only about cholesterol, these habits can lead to heart disease and can increase the chances of a heart attack. Frightening! Thankfully, there are ways you can alleviate the problem. We will cover some of the bad habits here, and by knowing about them, you can take the steps needed to quit them before it’s too late for you.

Bad Habits Damaging Your Heart - The Southern Smiths: It's more than just cholesterol.

Heartbreaking News: These Bad Habits Are Damaging Your Heart

Bad Habit #1: Not exercising regularly

Let’s be honest for a moment. How much exercise do you do each day? Lifting the remote control is not a viable option, so if you are sat on your butt for long periods, you do need to exercise more. By doing so, you will improve blood circulation to your heart and reduce the risk of any health problems associated with this most precious of bodily organs.

Bad Habit #2: Drinking excessively

It’s fine to drink in moderation, and in the case of red wine, the occasional tipple can actually benefit your heart. However, if you already have ongoing health issues, you do need to consult your doctor about your alcohol intake. You should also be aware that alcohol can raise your blood pressure, which in turn can lead to heart disease and a heart attack.

Bad Habit #3: Eating the wrong food

Eating the right foods will both nourish your body and nourish your heart. Some of the best foods include avocados, nuts, bananas, leafy greens, and dark chocolate. Delicious! On the flipside, there are certain foods that are terrible for your heart. Deep-fried, sugary, and baked foods can lead to heart problems if eaten in high-consumption.


Bad Habit #4: Smoking/breathing in second-hand smoke

Inhaling smoke can damage your blood vessels, whether you’re the guilty party, or you are spending time with other people who smoke around you. If you ever needed another excuse to give up smoking, this should act as a further incentive, and you should remind your smoking friends of the health benefits to yourself (as well as them) should they give up this dreadful habit.

Bad Habit #5: Not monitoring your health (cholesterol)

Do you know your cholesterol level? Have you checked your blood pressure recently? Are you watching your weight? If the answer is ‘no’ to any of those questions, then you need to be more vigilant. Talk to your doctor, book an appointment at cardiology, and buy health-monitoring equipment to give you a better perspective on how healthy you are. It’s better to get on top of any problems early so as to reduce potentially dangerous problems that are affecting your overall health and heart.


None of us live forever, but you can preserve your longevity by quitting the bad habits we mentioned. Not only is this good for your sake, but remember your family and friends who can’t bear to be without you in their life. So, book an appointment with your doctor today if you haven’t paid them a visit in a while, and commit to a healthier lifestyle to give yourself (and your heart) a fighting chance.

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