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5 Essentials Of A Family Bathroom

While there are many articles on how to design the best bathroom in your home, most of these online design guides tend to forget that creating a bathroom that works for the adults and the children in your family is not as straightforward as it seems. In fact, parents and kids have very different expectations when to comes to the bathroom! So how do you make sure you create a room that is appealing and functional for all?

5 Essentials Of A Family Bathroom

#1. A bathtub!

A shower is practical when you don’t have a lot of time to waste to get ready for work in the morning. However, for young children and toddlers, the shower is not an accessible and usable space. Adding a bathtub, such as one of those glorious tubs from, can encourage your child to play int he water from a young age and enjoy washing. Indeed, a lot of young children cry and panic when they are washed. The idea of sitting in a bathtub and playing with their toys as you wash them can be more relaxing. Besides, when the kids are asleep, this can become your relaxing sanctuary too!

#2. A toothbrush for everyone

Get everyone in the habit of brushing their teeth twice a day by creating a ritual. You’ll find that young children are more likely to want to brush their teeth if you’re doing yours at the same time. Teach your kids good habits from the start! You should also make sure that you have two tubes of toothpaste, one for children – preferably with no sugar – and one for adults, as menthol toothpaste can be too strong for your children.

#3. Robes for all

Of course, towels are practical and indispensable equipment in your bathroom. But if you’re prone to evening baths or shower, you certainly want to invest in comfortable robes for your whole family. There is no better feeling than wrapping a robe around yourself when you’re wet and shivering. Besides, the action of rubbing a towel against your skin to dry yourself can cause rashes and inflammation if you’re struggling with dry skin issues. Therefore, a robe can keep your dry without breaking the skin. They’re also very gentle on the soft skin of young children.

#4. Natural soaps

Do you know how many chemical ingredients there is in a standard bottle of shower gel? The real answer is that nobody knows, but one thing is for sure: There are plenty! It’s best to choose organic products that are free of chemicals – or that use as little as possible – such as the shower set from You need natural ingredients to keep your skin fresh and healthy. This will also reduce the risk of rashes and allergies in young children!  

#5. A child-friendly mirror

Last, but not least, in a family with young children, it can be difficult to make sure that the mirror is at the right height. The best solution is to work with a vertical mirror that can let everyone, whether small or tall, get ready in the morning.  

Are you ready to create a family-friendly bathroom? From a bathtub to vertical mirrors, you need to make washing and cleaning accessible and fun for all.

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