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10 Tips for Your First Family Vacation With Children

There’s nothing quite like the first vacation with your family. Just you, your partner, and your child, ready to see another part of the world. What could be more exciting? Of course, a vacation that’s memorable for all the right reasons won’t just happen; you’ll need to take certain steps to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Below, we offer ten tips, which will hopefully ensure that this trip is just the first of many travel adventures!

10 Tips for Your First Family Vacation With Children

Child-Friendly Getaways

You might have had a favorite type of travel destination when you were younger, but, now that there’s a child involved, you’ll need to decide your family vacation destination with them in mind. For example, is it child-friendly? Are there enough activities to keep them engaged and entertained? This isn’t just for their benefit, either; you’ll find your travels much more enjoyable if there is enough to keep your little engaged. There’s nothing worse than a child who is bored and needs entertaining, especially when you’re far away from home!

Getting the Children Excited

Your toddler will never have been on a vacation before. They have no idea what to expect! You can have them looking forward to the trip by getting them excited. You can buy them a few new clothes for their travels at, and let them choose a new toy to play with on the plane (or in the car). Show them pictures of the place you’ll be traveling to, and let them know about all the fun activities you’ll do when you’re there. It might be a bit much to just take your child on a vacation without any prior-warning. This way, they’ll have an idea of what to expect.

Packing and Snacks

There is an art to packing when it comes to traveling with children. You should be doing it with your hands in mind; specifically, how free your hands will be when you have all of your belongings. It’s easy to pack anything and everything, but if you do this, then you might find it difficult to get around with ease. So take the time to limit the amount of clothing you take. You should push the boat out when it comes to snacks, though; it’s worth carrying a little extra so you have something to hand when your child is hungry and cranky.

At the Airport and on the Flight

It’s understandable that parents get a little anxious when it comes to taking the little ones on a flight. Being locked in a metal tube with nowhere to go does not sound like an appealing position to be in! You can help yourself by limiting the amount of time your child will need to be on the plane. To do this, make sure you’re the last to board the plane, and the first to get off (you can pay for the seating at the front of the plane).

Be Extra Vigilant Against Germs

Your child will always be susceptible to germs, but the risk will be higher when traveling. For starters, they’re going to be confined to a small space with plenty of strangers, when they’re on the flight. If you’re traveling overseas, then it might be that the standards of cleanliness aren’t quite as high as they are in the US. Read up on the best health and safety practices in your chosen destination before you travel; it’ll be your best defense against those sniffles and other illnesses.

Mixing Up the Activities

You might have your heart set on visiting a few cultural attractions, but you’re going to need to have an element of realism when you’re traveling with children. If you’re dragging them around boring old sites, then, well, they’re going to be bored! Similarly, they might also get a bit frustrated if you’re spending the whole week sat in front of the pool (though the risk of boredom is greatly reduced in this scenario). In any case, make sure you’re mixing up the activities, so they never have time to grow bored…and decide to cause some mischief.

Splash on Accommodation

When it comes to a family getaway, you’ll want to have as much space as possible. That’s why it’s often better to select a holiday home over a traditional hotel. There are multiple benefits to this. For starters, it won’t feel like you’re all cramped in a small space. It’ll also mean that you won’t have to worry about always finding things to do; if you have a balcony, then you can spend the evening all with each other. Once they’ve gone to bed, you’ll have a space to unwind with your partner, without having to find a babysitter.

Do Your Research

You never know when things will go wrong. Before you travel, make sure you’re looking up where the nearest hospital is. If you’re heading overseas, then try to learn the essential phrases in the native language. You don’t have to be fluent, but knowing how to ask for help, where the nearest hospital is, and so on, might prove to be one of the best skills you have. You’ll also want to check that you’re able to buy all the essential baby supplies nearby to where you’re staying, too.

Go With the Flow

A family vacation can be stressful at any time, even the children are old enough to be young adults. When your children are babies or toddlers, there’ll be moments when you wonder why you bothered to go on vacation in the first place! It happens. The best approach is to have a “whatever happens, happens” approach; it’ll make dealing with those stressful moments all the more straightforward.

Soak It All Up

You only get one opportunity to have your first family vacation. So soak it all up; enjoy every moment. Take as many photos as you can, and make sure you take a few moments to give thanks for this awesome moment in your young family’s life.

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