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Child Can’t Sleep? Could It Be Because Of These Conditions?

Ever had one of those nights as a child where you couldn’t get to sleep? You felt like you were the only one in the world who was actually awake during the night. For some reason, you didn’t feel your normal self, and it’s only when you’re older do you realize what was happening. Some conditions that affect children affect us all, but because they’re younger and weaker, their symptoms can vary. Putting a child to bed at a reasonable time is the sensible thing to do such as a bedtime way before the adults have theirs. Usually, this is around an hour or so after dinner with the usual bedtime being around 8 pm for most parents. However, what do you do if your child can’t sleep and complains about their physical condition keeping them up? What are the common things you should look and ask for?

Child Can’t Sleep? Could It Be Because Of These Conditions?

The painful aura

Migraines affect us all. They’re not as common as headaches, but they have similar symptoms. However, they affect us more than just pain. A migraine directly affects the way our mind and body feel. Around 10% of children get a migraine with aura. This means that a migraine makes them feel dizzy, and a high pitch ringing can be heard in their ears. Other symptoms include seeing zigzag lines when looking at objects and normal levels of light feel as if a needle is piercing into your pupils. The issue here for parents is that doctors don’t really know what causes a migraine. However, children can feel like they’re in grave danger because the pain is so severe. However, it is not life-threatening, and you can do some things to cure them of their ailment. Make sure they get enough nutritious food to eat and stop any ridiculous dieting habits they might have such as excess consumption of candy. Make sure they drink plenty of water. Have them stay in a dark and quiet room for a period of time. You may give them aspirin and other common headache tablets but couple this with a massage on the pressure points where they feel pain.

Infection in the eye

You know how children are when they’re young and curious, they get messy and pay no attention to their actions. Something as innocent as digging through soil to look at worms can end up hurting them when they transfer bacteria in the soil to their eyes if they rub them without washing their hands. Conjunctivitis is common among child for this very reason. However, it comes on slow and then flares up with an inflamed conjunctiva. When your child gets up and complain about irritation when they close their eyes, it’s hard to know what they mean or what you should be looking for with regards to visual symptoms. That’s why after hours pediatric urgent care is so useful. All the way up to 9 pm, you can talk to a paediatrician online. The doctor on the other line can verify the symptoms you describe and give instructions on how you could treat your child’s eye issue. Depending on the issue, the doctor can immediately write you a prescription and send it directly to your local pharmacy. It’s quick, easy and incredibly convenient, especially when they can’t get to sleep at night.

We all know as parents that when your children can’t get to sleep, that pretty much means you won’t be getting any either. Study the symptoms of their condition and quickly adapt their lifestyle, so any treatments have their full effect.

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