What to Wear to a Wedding

Getting ready for the summer doesn’t just mean preparing the back patio for cookouts, embracing the warm weather, and gearing up to head on that much needed vacation; for some of us, it means getting ready for the craziness of wedding season!

You have the perfect gift for the soon-to-be newlyweds’ registry, found the perfect date for the special occasion, and definitely RSVP’d by now.

What’s next? Perhaps that most forgotten and overlooked detail for attending a wedding is picking out the right outfit. From seasonal weather to the theme of the wedding, there are many details to take into consideration for finding the right attire.

Rather than choosing that go-to suit or settling for that cocktail dress you’ve worn to three weddings the year before, here are a few tips to help you narrow down your choices for finding a the perfect outfit this wedding season.

What to Wear to a Wedding

    1. Wedding Theme – One of the easiest ways to select the right wedding outfit is to match the theme of the wedding. If the wedding you’re attending has a theme that is rustic or beachy, think of an outfit that is more casual. Leave the tie at home and break out a sundress. If the  theme elegant and sophisticated, this is the time to wear a tuxedo that fits just right or put on the dress you’ve been saving for the perfect occasion.


  • Seasonal Choices -Weather is a crucial factor in the decision process. Think about what makes sense, what would look right, and what would be most comfortable. In the cold seasons, think of dresses that are longer, and jackets that are both stylish and easy to slip off. For weather that is warmer, choose an outfit that you will feel comfortable in and won’t leave you distracted by how warm you feel.
  • The Venue – Is the wedding taking place outside or inside? Where will the reception be? Read the invitation to find out where the wedding will be held and do some research. Look up previous photos from weddings held at the venue. It is always smart to have an outfit that will be comfortable if the wedding were to start outside, but may proceed inside due to unforeseen weather.
  • Match Your Date! – Looking stylish feels great, but what’s even better is when you and your date are both looking good. Before attending the big day, set up a time to meet with your date about collaborating on some attire ideas. Match their tie with your dress or your pocket square with their shoes. Get creative with it and find an outfit that matches both of your styles. Learning how to match your wedding date is simple and easier than you think!
  • Make It Simple – When all else fails, go with an outfit that is simple and classic. Find that one outfit that makes you feel great about yourself and is appropriate for any wedding. Change it up with accessories and shoes, or even try a new hairstyle. You can make any signature outfit a completely brand new look with the smallest changes.


If you’re still struggling to find the right outfit idea, don’t worry! The Black Tux, provider of some of the sharpest and most stylish tuxedo and suit rentals, has put together a guide with a few of our suggestions for finding the perfect wedding outfit.

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