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4 Tips to Spruce up the Guest Bathroom

There’s nothing more fulfilling than when you have guests to stay and they have an amazing experience. Being able to give them somewhere comfortable to sleep and enjoy themselves can make them feel like part of the furniture when they come to stay with you. Having the ability to do more than put someone up on the sofa is a good thing, and if you have an extra bathroom in the house for guests to use, too, you’re in for a winner. You may not be on a review site for hotels, but they’ll be raving about staying at your home for weeks as long as you give them a reason to.

If you want to have your guests feeling as welcome as possible, then check out the tricks below. You’ll be able to give them the most enjoyable visit that you can – especially if they have a special bathroom just for them.

4 Tips to Spruce Up the Guest Bathroom

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  • Brighten It Up. Small bathrooms can sometimes be windowless, and if yours is just that, then you need other ways to brighten up the space and make it welcoming for people. Dark bathrooms aren’t very inspiring, so bring in as much light as you possibly can by cleaning out the light fixtures and going for LED bulbs; they’re more expensive up front but they last long, are eco-friendly and are clear.

  • Clean It Up. Obviously, when you have a guest coming to stay you’ll be doing the cleaning blitz around your home. It makes sense to get into the nitty gritty with tile and grout cleaning, especially if other people are going to be using the bath and shower. It also helps the bathroom to look clean and spruced up if you give it a deep clean before anyone uses it.

  • Give It Luxury. You may be okay with having the bargain towels and face cloths but buy a couple of the thick and fluffy towels to keep for guests. Turkish cotton is the best choice for new towels and cloths, and guests will always appreciate that little touch of luxury that you’ve given to their space. You could add a basket of mini toiletries and goodies that they can use and provide a vase of freshly cut flowers with a strong scent.

  • Add Some Storage. Guests who are going to be using a bathroom for showers often stay overnight. Check out your storage sitch and make sure that you have enough hooks for towels, bathrobes and somewhere to store their toiletries. Ensure that your own personal effects are out of there, too. Not only will it make them feel like they’re imposing, there’s something off about people using your things unless you’ve said so!

A guest bathroom should be just as beautiful as the guest bedroom; light, airy, welcoming and clean. If you can make this happen when you have people to stay in your home, then you will always have them banging down the door to come back again!


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