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Natural Alternatives to Conventional Items

In today’s world we see that more people are becoming health conscious, many of whom diet, exercise, cut out processed foods, sugars, and starch in the effort to become healthier and leaner. While these methods are changing the way people think about foods, many of us are unaware that it’s not just foods that contain harmful preservatives and chemicals, this applies to regular items you use on a daily basis as well. Did you know there are harmful toxins lurking in your cleaning products, makeup, fragrances and even your lipstick? You may be thinking that your lipstick hasn’t killed you yet so why bother? Well, the truth is that leading a healthy holistic lifestyle includes avoiding exposure to these harmful chemicals. Luckily, we have compiled a list of natural alternatives to your conventional items for your convenience.

Natural Alternatives to Conventional Items

Forget the Painkillers

Your conventional painkillers may be harming your health in more ways than you think. Painkillers contain various chemicals, one being acetaminophen, an ingredient found in hundreds of OTC painkillers that has been found to be the leading cause of liver failure as a result of an overdose in the United States. Be it an injury at the gym, back pain or a migraine, there are natural supplements that have been specially formulated to reduce inflammation and pain without any adverse long-term risks. To learn more about this, take a look at Review Critic, a handy informative platform that has all the necessary information you need to know about natural supplements.

Beauty Products

The majority of conventional beauty products contain a variety of toxic chemicals such as sulfates, fragrances, and preservatives such as butylated hydroxytoluene which has been directly linked to hormone disruption, skin, eye and lung irritation. Some studies have found that butylated hydroxytoluene is potentially carcinogenic. While there are many organic brands that don’t include these harmful toxins and are safe for the whole family to use, save a few dollars by making your own natural alternatives.

Shaving Cream

Instead of a conventional gel or cream, try using coconut oil, almond paste or shea butter as an alternative, this will ensure you get the closest shave without the rash.

Body Scrub

What better way to exfoliate than with a delicious smelling scrub that’s full of antioxidants? Mix ground coffee beans and coconut oil and simply use it as you would any other exfoliator. This will ensure that your skin is soft, hydrated and rejuvenated.

Hair Mask

For a hydrating hair mask, switch your usual chemical-based mask for one that nourishes and hydrates your hair from root to tip. Simply purchase some jojoba oil and massage it into your scalp and hair. This will also help to improve circulation. Leave it on for an hour before washing it out.

Cleaning Products

The list of toxins in cleaning products are endless, many of which come with serious health hazards due to exposure. The common toxins that you should avoid are phthalates, ammonia, chlorine, butoxyethanol and sodium hydroxide. Phthalates are the most common toxin which has been found to be an endocrine disruptor but is used in most scented products. Since manufacturers do not have to disclose what ingredients are in their scents, you won’t see phthalates listed on labels. To be on the safe side, avoid products that have the word fragrance listed in their ingredient list because there is a good chance they contain phthalates.

Here are a few natural alternative household cleaners:


Vinegar makes a fantastic window and glass cleaner as it gets rid of marks and dirt without any streaks. It is also a wonderful alternative to chemical toilet cleaners. Simply add it to the toilet bowl, scrub and flush.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda is a great alternative to most conventional cleaners. For a natural dishwashing agent, use baking soda and water as a paste to remove any stains, grime, and dirt from cups, plates and any other cookware. Remove odors from upholstery and carpets by sprinkling baking soda over them, allow it to sit for a few hours before vacuuming.  Leaving an open tub of baking soda in the fridge will help to absorb any odors, ensuring that your fridge smells fresh all the time.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil makes for a wonderful wood furniture polish replacement. Simply combine ½ a cup of coconut oil with lemon juice. Dip your rag in it and start polishing. Coconut oil is also a great way to lubricate stiff door hinges, garden tools, guitar strings and zippers.

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