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Scandi On A Shoestring: Decorating the Nordic Way

The Scandinavians have a simple way of living; it’s one of the reasons they seem to flourish. I mean, who else can work productively for six hours a day and still maintain the same high standards? The answer is the Swedes and their Nordic neighbors. So, it’s not hard to see why Scandi style is becoming popular in homes across the country. It’s simple, basic, really, but with a touch of elegance and class. Of course, now that a trade war is in progress, imports are at a premium and you may get priced out. Here’s how to avoid The Donald’s crazy business tactics and decorate on a shoestring.

Scandi On A Shoestring: Decorating the Nordic Way


Creating a Scandinavian style in your home is about making the interior feel as minimalist as possible. Don’t worry because this doesn’t mean you’ll be eating dinner on the floor. It simply suggests there is no room for clutter or mess as it takes away from the chic, classy designs. By removing anything which doesn’t add any value, you can transform your home into a Finnish replica in a matter of hours. If you can’t see how this is financially beneficial, just wait until you start to sell the extra stuff online. Haggling with Amazon Trade-In is a lucrative business.

Re: Ikea

In the past, people have relied on the Swedish home store so much that it’s started to lose its shine. Simply put, Ikea isn’t in vogue any longer. Well, forget what’s fashionable and what’s not and put your tail between your legs and head back. For one thing, there isn’t a company as quintessentially Nordic as the flat-pack giants. So, everything in there is in the Scandi style. Secondly, it’s renowned for its low price. There are bargains elsewhere, such as a discount at Home Depot which are useful too. The key is to filter out the stuff which doesn’t suit and snap up the rest.

Paint It Light

One thing people tend to forget about the region in the Arctic Circle is that it’s in total darkness for six months of the year. Therefore, it’s essential for the inhabitants of Scandinavia not to waste light. You have to do the same, and painting the whole inside of the property white is a great place to start. A bold white color creates an incredibly airy feel. Another cool trick is to decorate with mirrors. Not only do they take up space but reflect the sun’s rays, too.

Invest in Less

Because the style is minimalist, it’s always a good idea to buy quality pieces. What little you have should stand out and make a positive impression. Now, acquiring quality homeware sounds counterproductive as it’s expensive, but it works out cheaper. To begin with, there isn’t much to buy anyway, so the total amount shouldn’t break the bank. Plus, the best gear stands the test of time. As a result, you should save money in the long-term by investing in the present.

Now that it’s affordable, is Scandi a style you’d consider?

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