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The Best Ways To Beat Bad Moods

Are you getting tired of waking up in a bad mood? Unfortunately, being in such a bad mood can be very difficult to shake off through the day, so there really is no wonder that so many people get down in the dumps whenever they wake up in one.

Feeling a bit grumpy and grouchy today? Well, your mood might improve when I explain that there are in fact a few things you can do to make yourself feel better. Don’t believe me? It’s true! Even though the majority of people think it can sometimes be impossible to shake yourself out of a bad mood, there are a few tricks and hacks that might succeed. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

The Best Ways To Beat Bad Moods


One of the quickest ways you can try and put yourself back into a good mood is to smile. This might sound like a cheesy idea, but there is actually some science behind it to back it up. Some scientists carried out a few studies into this and found that forcing a smile can actually trick your body into thinking that you are happy. So, the brain will then reverse your bad mood and you can turn that frown upside down for the rest of the day!

Go For A Run

If making yourself smile doesn’t seem to make a difference, you might want to get changed into your gym clothes and head out for a workout. When we exercise, the body releases lots of endorphins into the blood system for a variety of reasons. These are sometimes referred to as nature’s anti-depressants as they can really improve our moods and make s feel a lot happier than what we were feeling before we started working out.

Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Maybe you are in a bad mood because you didn’t sleep very well the night before? If that is the case, and seems to be occuring on a regular basis, you might want to check your sleep patterns and see if there are any ways you can improve them. For instance, many blog posts that offer sleeping tips usually state that you should aim to replace your mattress as often as possible. That way, you don’t have to worry about being kept awake by a bad back. Getting into a good routine in the runup to bedtime will also help as well, as this gives you a chance to unwind and relax.

Eat Something Healthy

Perhaps your bad mood has come about because you are feeling slightly sluggish after eating something unhealthy. This is often the case after overindulging. Even though the meal may taste nice, all of the sugar could cause a rush and you will feel bad once you crash. So, to prevent any more bad moods, you might want to try to improve your diet. Swap your sugary and fatty snacks for healthier ones, such as pieces of fruit or cereal bars.

Do A Good Deed

If you believe in karma, you will already know the theory that what goes around comes around. So, in order to feel good, you need to do something good. Why not do a good deed for someone? You could visit your grandparents to see if they need any help around the house. They might even ask you to go to the supermarket to do their grocery shopping for them. Even if you are in a very bad mood, you will find that being nice to others can really perk you up. It doesn’t matter whether your good deed is big or small – it’s the fact that you are doing something for someone else that counts. And, by doing that, you will find that you end up feeling a lot happier and better on the inside!

Listen To Calming Music

There’s a good chance that your bad mood is down to stress. This will probably be the case if you have been working long hours recently or you have been going through a difficult period. In any case, you might find that listening to some soothing and calming music can really help you to improve your mood. Just bear in mind that this might not be a quick fix. You might have to listen to this kind of music for an hour or so to give it a chance to work its magic!


Another good way to get over a bad mood that has been caused by stress is to do a bit of meditation. This should help you get your breathing and thoughts under control. If you are completely new to meditation, you might worry that it could be difficult to get the hang of, but that is very rarely the case for any newbies. In fact, mobile apps like Headspace offer beginner meditators some easy lessons and sessions to get them started.

Watch A Comedy Show

I’ve already mentioned that forcing yourself to smile can be a great way to shrug off a bad mood but did you also know that trying to laugh is another great step as well? It’s true! So, next time you start to feel the clouds descend, you might want to try and make yourself laugh any way you can. The easiest thing you could do is log onto Netflix so that you can then see which comedy shows and sitcoms you can watch.

Distract Yourself

Of course, sometimes there is nothing that will stop a bad mood in its tracks as well as distracting yourself away from it. This is often the best option for the very worst of moods. So, if you wake up in a bad mood during the week, your best bet is to just go off to work. Eventually, you will forget about it because you’ll just be so busy. If you have a day at home planned, you can always distract yourself by doing something mundane like the laundry.

Bad moods? Not anymore now that you know how to beat them!

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