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Awesome Alternative Date Ideas For You And Your Partner

Going out for food or watching Netflix with your partner can be fun, but those ideas are a little unoriginal these days. If you want to do something a little different, take a look at these alternative date ideas for you and your partner:

Awesome Alternative Date Ideas For You And Your Partner


To go stargazing, all you have to do is go and get your partner and head out to the country. You could find a parking garage too, but it’s much better in the country because there are less lights to get in the way of your view. You can then get on the top of the car with your partner and lay underneath the stars. This could help you both to feel more connected, and you’ll make a memory that you won’t ever forget.


Thrift stores are all over the place, so you can go and see if there’s any hidden treasure that either of you will be interested in. It’s way cheaper than antiquing, and it’ll be interesting to see what weird and wonderful things you can find. Why not sell a challenge to see who can find the most valuable trinket? You can find some great stuff if you look hard enough.

Visit The Nearest Vineyard

Going to visit the nearest vineyard is a great idea for fans of wine. Places like the Missouri wine country are beautiful, so you get to experience a gorgeous location as well as some delicious wines.

Do A Mud Run

Do you and your partner love exercise? Do a mud run together, or sign up for another challenging run, like a color run. You can both help one another through it, release some endorphins, feel closer together, and get some great pictures to remember the day.

Try A Dance Class

How about learning how to salsa together? Getting out of your comfort zone could be a great way to bring excitement back into your relationship.

Take The Train

How about just getting out of the house, hopping on a train and heading to the nearest scenic area? You could take a picnic to eat lunch in a nearby park, visit some of the shops and any galleries in the area and then come home.

Get Concert Tickets

Live music really can’t be beaten for music lovers, so see if you can get tickets to see an artist that you both love.

Visit A Spa Together

All people love relaxing, regardless of gender. Both men and women can enjoy a spa together, so see if you can take advantage of any deals out at the moment. Lots of spa facilities will let you take your own snacks to have in between treatments, and in some cases you can just go and use the facilities if you haven’t got enough cash for a massage. It’s still nice and relaxing!

Which of these ideas do you like best? Is there something you can think of that belongs on the list? Leave your comments below. Come back for more soon!

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