8 Essential Tips For Road Tripping With Kids

Road tripping is a truly wonderful way to see the country.

Unlike any other form of traveling, road tripping gives you the sense of being in control of your own destiny. You have complete control over every element of your trip, from the time you leave to how long you spend at each specific stop along your route.

As a parent, you may find that your passion for road tripping begins to falter. Admittedly, road tripping with your children can be difficult and challenging, but it’s not impossible. If you want to take the road trip this summer to explore the sights and sounds of the USA, then these tips should help you make the most of the experience…

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Making The Most Of Your Evenings As Newbie Parents

One of the toughest transitions any newbie parent will go through is the change to their evening plans. That’s when you start to feel a little itch. In those years BC (Before Children), evenings were your time to escape the humdrum of existing, to leap into the thick of the hustle and bustle to get over that bad day at work, to go out for a spontaneous meal, see friends and live a little. But for the first year AD (After Delivery) that becomes a bit tougher.

If you’re not a regular follower, you’re probably thinking “Why should I listen to you?”

Hi, I’m Marci, mom of three, and as I’m typing this, I’m feeding my three-month-old daughter.

If they don’t exclusively feed on the boob and you have a regular babysitter, then it’s no such much of an issue. But if you do, well, you need to start working out how you’ll make the most of your evenings. Sure, for the first month or so, that will be sleeping every time your baby sleeps.

But that will soon wear off and that’s when these evenings tips will become a godsend. Trust us on that.


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