Struggling to Get A Good Night’s Sleep?

There are so many reasons why we struggle to get a good night’s sleep. In fact, half of the time we don’t even realise we’re getting a bad night’s sleep. We might be sleeping all the way through, but still waking up so exhausted that it hurts to do anything during the day. This is most likely due to broken sleep in the night, or stress not allowing you to fall into a deep enough sleep. Whatever the reason, we know that not getting a good night’s sleep can really ruin your day, and in the long term can actually lead to some serious health conditions. So, if you’re going through a rough time with sleep, here’s how you can get it sorted again.

Struggling to get a Good Night’s Sleep?

Get Your Room Right

The bedroom should be a room of relaxation no matter what. Get the mood of a bedroom wrong and it can actually really mess up your sleeping pattern. First you need to think about your mattress and whether that’s the problem. If it is too firm it can make the sleep really uncomfortable, if it’s too soft it can do damage to your posture. What you can do is check out websites such as to see what mattress might suit you best, or which is the best on the market at the minute. You then want to make sure you’re adding things in like blackout blind. Your body naturally wakes up as the room gets lighter, so the blackout blinds will keep you asleep until you actually need to wake up. You could also think of adding things in such as mood lighting. It has been proven that mood lighting helps to relax the body and bring it into a state of calm, the perfect state to fall asleep in.

Relaxation Techniques

If you’re someone who goes to bed every night and spends a good hour on their phone, or likes to watch a few TV programmes to try and fall to sleep, then all you’re doing is keeping your brain active. What you should be doing is trying relaxation techniques such as meditation before bed to get your mind relaxed and free of troubles. This should make it so much easier for you to fall to sleep. You could also try the use of candles such as lavender to try and send you off to the land of nod. Lavender has been proved to have relaxing qualities, ones that are perfect for the bedroom.

Could It Be Your Diet?

Diet plays a massive part in our energy levels and how awake we are at night. If you’re someone who is partial to a can of coke, or perhaps even an energy drink, then the timing of when you have it can play a big part in whether you’re able to sleep. The caffeine in both is going to keep you tossing and turning for a long time. If you’re eating a big meal close to the time you want to fall to sleep, and one that is heavy in things such as carbs of fats, you’re definitely going to struggle to sleep, or at least sleep well. We’ve all heard of a food coma, but that uncomfy feelings in your stomach is most definitely going to keep you awake.

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  1. I’ve always been having trouble sleeping in during the weekends because the sun shines into my room, right on top of my face. Just went to Ikea few days back to buy a black out blind like you mentioned in the post. It makes so much difference! Now I tend to oversleep instead since it feels like night even when it’s already 10am!

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