Safety First: Making Your Home A Family Haven

As a busy parent; you’ll already understand how much hard work goes into looking after your little ones and your family. It’s a 24/7 job, and even though it will bring you plenty of joy and rewards; it can also be challenging at times. Staying in a routine and running a hectic household isn’t easy, so it’s vital that your home feels like a safe haven for everyone who lives there. You’ll have enough on your plate, making sure that everyone is fed, looked-after, and happy (most of the time), without adding any extra worry about safety into the mix. Therefore, it’s worth taking some time out with your partner to evaluate your home as a whole and ensure that it’s safe in all areas. Investing in the right actions and items for home safety will give you peace of mind, and will be one less thing to lose sleep over.

Whether your home is a period property or a brand new build; there are a variety of aspects that can become a danger to your family, especially curious little members of it. Kids are going to disobey you every now and again, and test the boundaries; therefore, you need to make sure that those boundaries are secure and safe. You’ll have worked hard for all you have, and the contents of your home, so, you’ll want to keep your belongings and valuables safe too and prevent any damage. It’s time get a notebook and pen ready to write some detailed lists and figure out the changes, investments, and upgrades that your house needs to provide a haven, where you don’t have to worry (well, the majority of the time). The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for parents who want to upgrade their safety tactics so that everyone can feel secure once the front door is closed.

Safety First: Making Your Home A Family Haven

Start From The Outside

To create a sanctuary in your home, you’ll need to reduce the risk of potential intruders and theft. If you don’t have a lockable garage, it can be a challenge to keep your car safe, and you’ll know how crucial a car is to family life. Sadly, burglaries don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, and the effect they can have on a family is more than just financial. Aside from having to sort through admin and paperwork; there will be a residual emotional impact, and many people choose to leave a property or an area after such an event. However, there are plenty of things you can do and be mindful of to reduce these risks. Check out companies like Reliable Chimes who can provide you with a driveway alarm, and event security cameras. Just the sight of such items will put many potential thieves off from going anywhere near your home. These are practical additions to the outside of your home, and you’ll be able to monitor any activity or unusual behavior from those outside, so it’s worth considering.

It’s not only physical items that can deter crime from happening outside and to your home. You can also get into smart security habits and behavior yourself. Don’t leave any spare keys under garden ornaments or plant pots; these will be the first places that opportunist thieves will take a look, so don’t give them even the slightest chance. Closing your front window curtains at night will prevent those who walk by from seeing your items, and they won’t be tempted to return to take your flat screen T.V or expensive computer. Invest in air conditioning in your home so that you’re not tempted to leave bedroom windows open at night time; this is a sure fire way to invite people to get in and take what they want.

You can encourage your little ones to get into good habits too. Show them how to make sure that the front and back doors are securely closed and locked for the evening. The same goes for windows; always shut them before leaving a room and going elsewhere in the house, and ask them to keep doing the same. These great habits will stay with them, so you’ll be passing safety down to future generations.

Focus On The Inside

You’ll have done all you can to secure the outside of your home so that there’ll be no unwanted events, and your kids can’t decide to go off and take a walk alone. Now it’s time to put your efforts into the interior space and ensure the safety runs throughout the house. As previously mentioned, young minds are curious, so they’re going to try things, and small hands will poke, prod, grab, pull, and pick up whatever looks interesting at the time. Therefore, it’s worth walking around your house, and looking at everything that those little hands might reach. Plug sockets can be protected with covers, and these are affordable ways to prevent your kids from doing anything to them. You can also use child safety catches on cupboard and cabinet doors and your drawers too, especially if they are filled with anything hazardous or that may cause harm (which is most household cupboards).

You can add to the safety aspect of your storage by putting your cleaning and any chemical products in boxes or containers on the highest shelves in the wall cupboards of your home. Sharp kitchen utensils should never be left on countertops, and can be safely stored away in the top drawer, with a child safety catch. And of course, keep reiterating the dangers around the home, and ensuring that your kids know that playing or investigating where and what they shouldn’t will be considered as bad behavior and could lead to a painful accident. If something’s baking in the oven, never leave your little ones unattended; the same goes for when you’re running a bath, it only takes a second for something to go awry. Being mindful and taking the steps needed to secure each part of your house from the outside-in, will ensure that you and your family will have happy and healthy years ahead in your little safe haven.

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