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Preparing To Make A Life Change For Good

Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. While the majority of us learn how to live and behave via our parents, it’s often not the case that we are given a complete and total understanding of how to manage ourselves. This might mean managing our stress, what to do in times of trouble as well as times of good. We aren’t taught the intricacies of managing our energy, working hard towards a goal or generally what to do when things are going right. All of this must be experienced ourselves at a personal level, which is actually for the best. Learning how to do something yourself is often much more instructive than any other way of doing things.

However, there are times when we might fall in our daily efforts. It can be easy to slip up after difficult circumstances arise. You might fall into an addiction or vice that only seems to get stronger as you give into it. This can be extremely troubling for anyone, and so it pays to understand how to get out of it.

Preparing to make a Life Change for Good

Preparing to make a life change for good is never easy, but it’s absolutely, intrinsically worth it.

Let’s say that you’re experiencing a few issues with drinking too much. Instead of feeling ashamed at the situation, look at it as objectively as possible. To drink too much is to lose your sharp edge and focus when it comes to life. It means every day you wake up feeling terrible and unhappy, likely filled with regret. You are losing money every time you do it. Despite the horrible withdrawal effects, might you live a much better life without it? Might you find a healthier way that feels ten times better to deal with your grief? Now, this all sounds like ideal fact-finding. You know this in the first place. To act upon it, you need the emotional conviction to follow up with these ideas.

This means clearly assessing your situation. You won’t ever move forward unless you genuinely want to. So, try to focus on the reasons for doing so. Having a hell to avoid and a heaven to move towards is the absolute best way to facilitate forward progress. You should also meditate to clearly examine your thought processes and to open up the internal space to make this change. After all, Sahaja meditation helps with addiction to a breathtaking degree. Unless you can look at yourself in the mirror and see no enemy, you will always find it difficult to push forward and become the person you hope to be.

Also, make sure to reward yourself for any and all progress you make. Life is short, and so every day well spent means more than you know. After all, making a lifestyle change is not a one and done scenario. It doesn’t take years either. It’s a daily effort, a cyclical daily offering to a future you feel to be most desirable. For that reason, giving yourself a reward at the end of the week for a string of days well committed can reinforce the next week of positive progress.

Be sure to toughen up also. The most famous clinical psychologist of all time, Carl Jung, once said ““There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” This means you should make an effort to become intimate with your difficult side, the side that has led you into this pain in the first place. This might mean journalling, heading to therapy and taking those steps, or simply opening up and being honest through and through about your situation.

With all this in mind, making a life change for good will be nothing but possible.

17 thoughts on “Preparing To Make A Life Change For Good”

  1. Changes are hard to make. We are so used to some thinks that it takes a lot of strength and willpower to change it. It is important to reward ourselves for every little step we make. And don’t punish too hard when we fail.

  2. Yeah I think we as a society practice pain avoidance more than anything else. Maybe it’s because we have experienced pain and don’t want our children to suffer through it, so we teach them how to avoid it. But I don’t think it’s good in the long run.

  3. I sure wish it came with an instruction manual- how much easier would that be??? But then…it wouldn’t be the exciting ride that it is..

  4. Changes are called life. Changes are Constance in everyone’s one. But we need to accept it positively .

  5. Change is a given in life but we never seem ready. We get stuck in being comfortable. I’ve had a major life change in the last few months and it’s taught me to toughen up and expect the unexpected.

  6. I tend to stay in my comfort zone, so a good life change would do me some good! I need to get out there more.

  7. Life changes are hard. For me, I get into a routine and when that routine gets disturbed I stress.
    The thought of changing my entire life routine makes my head explode. Although a new routine on a tropical island would be a lot less stressful I think. 😉

  8. Life changes can be tricky, but most of the time they are worth it! I always reward myself for positive changes.

  9. These was a really great read shows you that no matter what one is going through, we should never think that’s it’s impossible to do a lifechange for the better.

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