5 Chores All Moms Hate!

There is not one person out there who looks around their home and doesn’t feel a sense of pride when the whole place is sparkling. When you’re a parent, the home that is clean is a home that is RARE! It’s not that parents are lazy or won’t clean, it’s just that finding the time among everything else to get elbow deep into the house and scrub it from top to bottom is about the rarest thing that any parent can find. Here’s the thing though: parent or not, we all love a clean house…we just don’t like the actual act of getting it in that spotless state in the first place!

Finding the time to get connected with your house may not be the easiest thing to do, but it is something that we all have to do if we don’t want to live in a cesspit. A lot of parents pay out for the big chores, like window cleaning or carpet cleaning, to be done by a professional service rather than having to do them on their own. It’s one of those things, though, that we all have chores in our lives that we would really rather not do. In an ideal world, we’d all pay for cleaners to take over and keep our houses for us. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible in the real world! With that in mind, below are five chores that all Mom’s out there detest doing. Have a read and see whether your most hated household job is listed!

5 Chores All Moms Hate

1. Bathrooms.

Cleaning the bathroom is often a hated job because it’s a shared space. When you get down on those tiles and scrub behind the toilet on the floor, you’re resenting the men in the family for missing the toilet bowl and the women in the family for shedding hair and finding it in every nook and cranny of the room. Bathrooms are, however, a place of bacteria.

With showers that aren’t rinsed enough and bathtubs that are often left with a ring around the edges, the bathroom is the one place that no one enjoys cleaning, but the most important place to get done. It should be given a once over after every bath and shower and the toilet should be wiped down once a day at the minimum. Keeping antibacterial wipes in the bathroom can help, as can swapping out the toilet cake in the tank at the back of the toilet to keep the water clean.

2. Dishes.

Humans have evolved from washing their utensils and crockery items in the streams and rivers, to creating touch screen dishwashers that wash and steam our dishes for us. We have come this far because while everyone loves to eat a good meal, no one likes to do the clean up that follows! Leaving food on dishes and utensils helps bacteria to grow, and no one wants to deal with the illnesses that can arise when bacteria isn’t properly disposed of.

3. Ironing.

The bane of the life of every parent, ironing is right up there with the household chores that people love to hate. There are those out there that will be precise when they hang their clothes on the line, or use the drier, so that they don’t have to iron at all.

Then there are those who work in an office and need to have ironed shirts or suits. You could send out for an ironing service or dry cleaners, but this can get quite expensive. The best thing that you could do is to set up an iron and ironing board once a week on a Sunday evening in front of the television and get through the pile as quickly and precisely as possible.

4. Washing.

As with ironing, the entire household laundry quota is overwhelming. No one minds slinging the clothes into the washer to get them cleaned, it’s the fact that you have to remember to hang them all to dry and then put all the clothes away afterward. The number of times I have washed the same washing load over and over because I forget that it’s finished, and the clothes go stale and need cleaning again, is insane.

It’s not the nicest job on the pile because there are just so many components to it. Clothes have to be washed, then dried, then put away and the process is never ending. The solution? Keep the laundry to a minimum by committing to one load a day. Older children can gather and sort their own washing, as well!

5. Mopping.

Most homes are now equipped with laminate or hardwood flooring, and while these are beautiful additions to any home, they are total dust magnets! It’s important that before you mop any floor you sweep or vacuum it first, and this then adds more work to the big task that you’ve already got ahead of you. Mopping is tedious; there’s nothing fun about dragging a mop from floor to floor. Once it’s done, it’s done, but actually having to take yourself through the house to mop the floor is probably one of the least fun jobs that there is out there.

Housework is a necessary evil if you want your home to be presentable, livable and smelling nice. The only positive to keeping on top of housework is the ability to feel pride in your home. It’s always nice to remember a time where it feels like cleaning fairies have come into the house and done it all for you, but let’s not forget that you were 10 years old the last time that happened, and your Mom was probably hating all the same chores that you do!

Your home is your palace, and you need it to sparkle like the Disneyland castle does on a daily basis. It’s time to swallow the hatred and tackle the house. Get organized with these tips, and you can make those hated chores the ones that you get done the quickest!

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