3 Things To Think About When Buying A Mattress

Buying a mattress is one of those all-important family home purchases. You need to change mattresses every decade or so, and they’re rarely cheap! Today, I thought I’d give my thoughts on what to look for when buying a new one. Take a look at what I had in mind down below:

3 Things To Think About When Buying A Mattress


The firmness of your mattress is probably the main thing to concern yourself with. Different bodies respond to different levels of firmness. Some people love sleeping on very soft mattresses, while others like a good hard one. The only thing you can do is go to various different mattress shops and try out loads of different products. This will give you a fairly good idea as to how your body responds to the firmness. Also, some companies offer trial periods, so you should look out for these too. Choose the right firmness for your body, and you’ll have a mattress that can cure any lingering back pain and make you feel nice and refreshed each morning.


Most people forget about the delivery of your mattress when they buy one. There are two key considerations here; how will it be delivered, and how much will this cost? Many companies don’t include the delivery charges on the actual product, so you should figure this out before you buy. Lots of different furniture and interior design companies like Montgomery’s have a Contact Us Today section on their sites. My advice is to contact the company beforehand so you can work out the full cost of the mattress including delivery. What’s more, you want to know how they’ll deliver it and what they’ll do. Are they going to turn up and just dump it on your doorstep, or will they bring it in and take it all the way to your bedroom. In fact, do they even offer delivery? Most respectable places do, but this is worth checking. Bottom line; don’t forget about delivery when buying a mattress.


It shocked me to discover that I haven’t made this word up! Basically, I’m talking about how breathable your mattress is. Certain mattresses are more breathable than other, which means they don’t retain heat as much. They remain nice and cool, a bit like when you wear breathable sports clothes to stop you from sweating so much! A mattress with a high degree of breathability will be beneficial as this helps you sleep better and avoid sweaty nights during the summer. Don’t be fooled into thinking this type of mattress makes you cold, it’s more to do with regulating your body temperature.

Now, the observant among you will notice I haven’t really spoken about size or cost. Granted, I touched on cost when I spoke about delivery, but I wanted to talk about three things most people neglect. Naturally, you should already know the size of your mattress as it may replace an old one. Plus, the price is dependent on your budget, so there’s not a lot to write about there! Regardless, I hope you enjoyed this piece and that it’s helped you on your mattress shopping journey.

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