Buying The Basics: New Mom Shopping List

When it comes to being a mom, there’s a lot of things that you’re going to have to think about – and a lot of this is going to start off even before you get pregnant. You may already have thought about the kind of parent that you want to be, or the names that you’d like to call your children. However, when you do get pregnant, everything changes. Because then, your thoughts and plans tend to go into overdrive. Whether you were trying for months or it came as a beautiful surprise, your mind can still shock you by thinking about everything that you need to do, and everything that you now need to buy. And it really is so easy to panic, but that won’t make you very productive. So, instead, you need to think rationally.

When you do find out you’re pregnant, it’s often a good idea to get your mind as organized as possible. This is going to really help you to prepare. Right now, the idea of having to buy everything for your baby may overwhelm you, but don’t let it. You’ll want to create a plan to help you. Because you will find that if you just start to panic buy, or you pick things up here and there, you’ll forget what you have bought and you may miss some really important things out. And that’s what you want to avoid. So, let’s work through the new mom shopping list to make sure that you have everything in order.



First of all, you’re always going to want to get some of the bigger items out of the way first. You know that your little one will need somewhere to sleep, so start to think about the kind of crib that you want. At first, you may have no idea at all about the kind of crib that you want, but don’t let it bother you, because you can research. You just need to look into the styles that are available, and what you might like to get. This isn’t an essential, but while shopping for a crib, you may also want to look into the full furniture set to match to put in their nursery.

Car Seat

Next, another big essential that you’ll want to tick off is the car seat. Because you’re going to need it when you leave the hospital, and whenever you drive anywhere with your baby, so you will want to get this sorted early. Do some research into different brands and models. You will find that the brand Peg-Perego does offer few but good models too, so don’t just go for the most common. You will be able to find something that you like, in budget, and that fits your car.


Then there’s the stroller. A lot of the time, this will often come down to personal preference. Of course, you can take a look at the best strollers, but always go and see them in a store too. Because you’ll want to get the feel of them, and make sure that they’re right.

Moses Basket (Bassinet)

From here, a nice but not necessarily essential item would be the Moses basket or the bassinet that you keep next to you. If you have a baby crib, and you don’t want to get both, you don’t have to. So long as your baby has somewhere to sleep. However it can be nice to have the Moses basket next to your bed so you don’t have to travel far to feed them, you can also use it around the house too.

Baby Monitor

While not every parent will want to invest in a baby monitor, they can be useful for safety and peace of mind. If you choose to get a techie baby monitor, you’re also able to see if they are awake or moving when they get a bit older, so you can then go and check on them.

Nursery Sheets

Next, you’re going to need to think about the different crib bedding that you need. It’s important to make sure that there is a comfortable mattress for your baby, as well as sheets and then some blankets too. You may even want to opt for a sleep bag instead, but that will be up to you.

You might even want to get a puffy blanket that’s good for outdoor use as well!

Sleepsuits & Onesies

Clothing wise, the first area of essentials you need to cover off is the sleepwear your newborn will need. Long sleeve onesies, sleepsuits, or bodysuits are essential here. They will keep them warm and they are easy to whip on and off when you need them too. But you should also think about getting sleeveless or short sleeve suits too. Vests can often be a good idea as well.


For the other kinds of clothing that you need, you’re going to want to think about sticking to the basic. While cute clothing is fun, it’s not an essential. Just make sure that you’ve covered off things like bibs and socks, booties to keep their feet warm, and scratch mitts for their hands too. You’ll also need a jacket for when you go out, or even a suit for the stroller if you would prefer this. Of course, buying clothes is often a really fun part of having a baby, so anything else that you might like to buy for them can work here too, but it isn’t an essential.


From here, it’s then onto the diapers. And you know that you’re going to need to get as many of these as possible ready for baby’s arrival. So definitely accept gifts of diapers and try out different brands. You won’t always know exactly what kind of brand you like until you use them. At the same time, sacks and wipes can be great to stock up on if you can.

Changing Station

Another big thing that you might want to consider, but it’s not overly an essential, is a changing station. This may be something that you look at when you’re considering furniture. Baby changing stations can look great in the nursery and provide a lot of storage, as well as give you somewhere to change them. At the same time, you may also want to consider a changing bag for on the go too.

Nursing Bra

Next, there’s always a nursing bra. While you don’t always have to get this for yourself, it can be comfortable an help you ease into breast feeding. At the same time, breast pads can be a great help.


If you’re not breastfeeding, or you want to be prepared for when you stop, there’s also bottles to think about. When buying bottles, also be sure to invest in more teats, as they will need replacing. Then there’s also the steam sterilizer to think about too, to make sure that the bottles stay clean and hygienic.

Muslin Clothes & Blankets

As you will probably already know, babies tend to spit up a lot. This means that you need to be prepared. And having clothes of cloths, particularly natural muslin material ones, or blankets to hand will help. That way, you’ll always be able to mop up any mess. At the same time, if you are breastfeeding, these can double up as a modesty cover for when you’re out in public too if you want to cover up.

Baby Bath

A nice addition to your shopping list if you’re looking to add more will always be a baby bath. While this is not essential, as you can always wash your baby in your bath or the sink, it can be easy and convenience. At the same time, you could also consider baby-friendly products like shampoo and lotion, and even baby nail scissors if you want to stay on top of their grooming.

Bouncer Seat

Last but not least, you may also want to think about getting a bouncer seat for your baby too. This is by no means a necessity, but it might be nice for you to consider using. You’ll find lots of information about these too. There are lots of brands and models reviewed online to help you. At the same time, you may also find that a playmat is entertaining for them too. These are both items that can help you to soothe an entertain your newborn, which can make them fun to buy.

So there you have it, just about everything that you need to buy before baby arrives. Now, you will be much more prepared for motherhood. As you will note, many of these are considered to be nice extras and not necessarily the essentials. So depending on your budget, you may not want to splash out on everything listed here. This shopping list is here to give you ideas, inspiration, and guidance on what you might like to get. As long as you have the sleep, traveling, feeding, cleaning, and clothing basics in check, everything else can come at a later date. Now that you’re on your way to feeling more organized, relax and enjoy the journey!

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