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Health Tips for Beauty and Wellness

It seems like the internet is saturated with health tips nowadays, but it’s not often that they go together. Sure, styling your hair and putting on makeup can improve your appearance, but your body is the best blank canvas to work with. When you take care of your biological needs, your natural beauty and vitality really will shine through!

So, to get started, here are a few healthy habits that you can adopt to feel great and look gorgeous!

Health Tips For Beauty And Wellness - The Southern Smiths


Health Tips For Beauty And Wellness

Eat Well and Exercise

This is the broken record of all health tips, right? But its the most true. I mean, the right foods boost your immunity and take care of things like cholesterol and blood sugar in check! Your diet can even affect your blood pressure!

Nutritious foods will keep your skin, hair, and nails healthy so you look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside! Working out then helps you tone muscles, sculpt your problem areas and improve your endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

From a beauty point of view, exercise shapes your body (which makes your clothes fit better!) and nourishes skin cells to keep your youthful look!

Visit the Dentist (Every six months!)

The definition of ‘beauty’ is constantly changing. It’s actually kind of relative, what I find beautiful you may not. One thing generally considered beautiful by all, is a nice smile!

I absolutely hate my teeth. I wimped out of braces when I was a kid, and paid the price. As an adult, I’ve looked into it and there are a lot of options! You can do veneers, braces, dental implants and more! There are even dental compounding products, whitening kits and invisible braces you can order online! I’ve done the in-home whitening kits and had amazing results, you can read about them here!

Get Enough Sleep

Nothing gets rid of those horrible dark circles, like actually getting enough sleep. This isn’t the only bad thing about not getting enough sleep though, it can also cause serious long term damage to your health.

When we sleep, our bodies release powerful hormones which repair our cells. If we’re not spending enough time asleep, we’re missing out on these benefits. Plus, not getting enough sleep causing premature aging due to the skin cell damage. It can even affect the hunger hormones ghrelin and leptin, which basically means you’re likely to overeat and gain weight. (I’m so living this life right now!)

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Pamper Yourself

It seems like hygge is everywhere right now, but no one is really talking about what it is. For such a trend, you think they’d be happier to explain!

Hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-ga’) is a Danish concept centered around self care and relaxation. It’s a conscious appreciation of the present moment. It’s generally unwinding and looking after yourself. Everyone can benefit from introducing hygge into their lives. Read a book, have a hot bath, light candles, meditate, all are perfect examples of ways you may already be practicing hygge!

Focus on yourself and make time to de-stress your life!

Do you think your physical health affects your appearance? Let me know in the comments below!

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