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10 Tips For Travelling With A Toddler

Taking a family vacation isn’t that challenging with the right amount of planning. Travelling with a toddler takes a little extra work, but once you get things sorted everything seems to slide into place.

Here are 10 tips for a stress-free vacation with your little ones.

10 Tips For Travelling With A Toddler - The Southern Smiths


10 Tips For Travelling With A Toddler

Book Early For Child Discounts

Having kids can sometimes make a vacation more expensive, but if you book more than six months out, it’s possible you may be able to take advantage of child discounts.

Airlines may offer free child seats, while hotels may offer discounts on family rooms.

Check For Kid-Friendly Accommodations

Not all hotels are toddler-friendly, so make sure to check on this before booking. Think about rooms with dangers such as balconies, or pools that aren’t fenced off. For older kids, these are luxuries, but a toddler may not know the safety concerns they bring.

Research Into Kids Clubs

You may be able to find a hotel with a kids club that accepts toddlers. These clubs could be free in some cases, and could allow you a small break from the kids for an hour or two.

Bring A Travel Cot

Some Hotels provide cribs, but the majority don’t. Make sure to pack a travel cot if your toddler hasn’t graduated to beds just yet. Some are so light and easy to pack up, they’ll fit in your check-on bags!

Check If Your Car Rental Service Supplies Car Seats

If you’re renting a car abroad, you need to check on car seats. Not all companies offer this. It is possible to get travel car seats, but they’re not as convenient as travel cots due to being bulkier and assembly requirements.

Pack For The Plane

The last thing you want is a screaming, kicking toddler on the plane. People will already be waiting for the stereotype, so prepare not to become one.

Keep distractions in your check-on that will help keep your child preoccupied. Buy new toys, bring coloring books, bring snacks and downloaded movies or games on a tablet.

Stay Safe In The Sun

You’ll need to protect your kids from the sun. Bring sun cream and a hat, or invest in a sun umbrella for your stroller if you don’t have one already.

Keep Them Hydrated

Many kids don’t drink as much liquid as they should, and your toddler is no exception. You’re less in control of the temperature when on a trip, so make sure they are drinking throughout the day. You could even try packing a fun colorful cup they’ll want to drink from!

Consider Pool Safety

Around any pool or body of water, you should make sure your little ones are wearing some form of flotation device. This could be an infant life jacket, or the usual arm band floaties. Life jackets are harder to take off, and therefor a safer solution to kids that like to be escape artists.

Buy An Identity Bracelet

In case your kid wanders off, you’ll want to make them wear an identity bracelet. These contain personal contact details like your phone number and the name of your hotel.

Hopefully you’ll never need it, but they’re great for peace of mind.

What are your best tips for travelling with a toddler? Let me know in the comments below!

25 thoughts on “10 Tips For Travelling With A Toddler”

  1. Apart from the cot which we don’t need since we bed share, everything else is going on my list! We are living tomorrow for a couple of days so wish us luck!

  2. These are great tips. When my son was this age, we had a few other things on our list. I always had a small first aid kit, allergy medication, and any prescription medication. A favorite stuffed animal and blanket also helped him feel more comfortable.

  3. Those are amazing tips. I like tat you included an identity bracelet. Lately when I’m going shopping I’m keep on hearing that kids get lost from their parents. I think it’s hard sometimes to keep on eye on them when it’s crowded. I also like that you mention to check if the hotels are kid-friendly. I think it’s really important.

  4. These are great tips, kid’s safety is number 1. Buying an identity bracelet is also a great idea.. I will adapt these tips for my next vacation..Thanks!

  5. My husband and I do a lot of international travel with our 3 and 1 year old. We just returned last week from Morocco and Europe. These are fantastic tips! The big one I always tell friends is to check the stroller at the gate at the airport. It’s a life saver not only for transporting your kids, but also with carrying all of the extra STUFF you have when traveling with little ones.

  6. I have enough trouble travelling just myself, other half and dog I can only imagine how different having a toddler makes it! These sound like some great tips.

  7. Great tips! I’ve traveled with a toddler a lot but did not realize there might be discounts available because of it! Definitely agree that renting car seats can be a major pain. I actually just wrote a blog post about traveling WITHOUT my toddler for the first time, ha!

  8. These are all great tips! We found that it is a good idea to have at least one extra change of clothes for the kids that was easy to reach. We also packed a large empty ziplock bag in case someone had an upset stomach, after finding out the hard way that the airlines don’t always have bags available.

  9. These are some great tips. I am so glad my kids are older and we don’t have to lug around a car seat anymore! That wasn’t fun.

  10. We don’t have kids yet but we have nieces and nephews. We are planning on taking advantage of some “kids get in free” things this spring and summer. We have a big family trip planned for a college baseball game (the kids get in free) that we are all going to. I don’t care much for baseball but I know that it will be fun because they’ll be excited and have fun. The adult tickets were cheap too! (Under $10 a piece after taxes and fees.)

  11. Thank you for these wonderful tips to consider! I agree with you – it takes a little more effort, but traveling with a toddler is exciting and worth it. It allows families to stay to gather and build wonderful memories! Blessings, 💕 Xo, Evelyn, 🦋

  12. I don’t have kids but I’ve worked in many summer camps and classrooms. The best tip I have, which you also mentioned, is pack for the plane/travel time. It is so important to keep the little ones occupied so they aren’t asking “are we there yet?” ten times per minute! Lol, great post!

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