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The Three Biggest Medical Fears Parents Face

As parents, we all have a million concerns when it comes to our kids. Some of these concerns are small, while others seem enormous. I think the medical fears are the worst. I’m not just talking about the issue of injuries, I’m talking about a few issues that are a little more serious.

The Three Biggest Medical Fears Parents Face - The Southern Smiths


The Three Biggest Medical Fears Parents Face


Have you heard of superbugs yet? Basically, they’re bacterial infections that are completely resistant to antibiotics. This is a super serious issue, because when strong enough, the bug could become untreatable and incurable. The good news is, they’re still super rare, though ironically most commonly found in hospitals. Just one of the many ways you can be in a worse position leaving a hospital than when you entered. (Should I do a post on the other ways? Let me know!)

Superbugs are also a growing issue, mainly due to how we use antibiotics. The more we use, the stronger the bugs become to fight them. This leads to those antibiotic strains you’re hearing about nowadays. This is a reason that now doctors are urging you not to use antibiotics on your kids at all.



No, not the ones you’re thinking about. I’m not referring to alcohol or recreational drug addictions. I’m talking about when you get addicted to a medicine prescribed by a doctor. It’s even possible for your KIDS to experience this issue if you give them too much. There are quite a few drug rehabilitation centers specifically to fight back against this problem. This doesn’t mean it’s helpless, though.

You can make sure you are diligent when using antibiotics (and other prescribed medications). The general rule, is two weeks. If by two weeks your symptoms are starting to subside, or your kids get better, they don’t need antibiotics. Their immune system is fighting the infection, and research shows allowing it to do this will actually make their immune system stronger.


Okay, the final medical fear parents face is a very real issue, especially for parents. Don’t worry, 9 times out of 10 the symptoms your child will be showing aren’t going to be of something serious. Still, there is always a chance it could be, and getting that diagnosis early can alter the prognosis completely.

If you feel like your kid has a serious medical issue, put your foot down. Ask for a second opinion. The second doctor may run some extra tests. I am the prime example of this, I’m having my gallbladder removed in two days. But, every time I went to the hospital during a gallbladder attack, they would tell me it was anxiety.

After a year of this, my bestfriend was visiting. She told me she experienced similar symptoms when she needed her gallbladder removed. I went back to the ER, told them about this, and had them run some test and TAH-DAH, I’m getting my gallbladder removed.

Moral of the story, pay attention to your kids health, and be diligent in everything you do regarding doctors and treatments.

What’s your biggest medical fear as a parent? If you’re not a parent, what’s your personal biggest fear? Let me know in the comments below!

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