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What To Do During A Power Outage

Maybe you’re sitting at home watching t.v., or eating dinner with your family, when suddenly, the lights go out. Most people’s first instinct is to start flipping lightswitches, and turning things on/off to check for a power outage. If it happens at night, you might scramble for a flashlight so you don’t end up hurting yourselves.

Eventually, you’ll realize the power has gone out. Of course, we all know first you call the power company. But then what?

What To do During A Power Outage - The Southern Smiths


What to do During a Power Outage

Create Space to Move

First off, create space to move. Even if you’ve lived there all of your life, and think you have muscle memory of the layout, you can never be too safe (especially during a power outage). Open all the doors and make sure they stay open. Move furniture out of main traffic ways, like pushing in chairs and closing drawers and cabinets. Clear shoes and kids toys away so that no one trips and hurts themselves.

Have a Backup on Hand

We’re technically animals y’all, you’ve got to remember that. When we’re out of our comfort zones, we’re gonna want to bring some comfort back to us. The usual things are flashlights or candles for lighting. However, the Guardian series generators will bring a sense of normalcy back quickly.

They have air cooled and liquid cooled series, air cooled provides less power (8 kW to 20) while liquid cooled provides closer to 25-60kW. They automatically sense when power is shut off, and switch on. When the power is back on, they’ll shut off and recharge. They can power your lights, potentially an electric oven, and other electronics.

After doing the research for this post, Kody and I have actually decided to consider getting one! We’re going to see how often we have power outages and how long they last, this could be a lifesaver during hurricane seasons.

Calming Down Young Kids

Young children will usually feel afraid in the dark, especially if your first instinct is to panic. Reassure them by using neon glow sticks! They’re super easy to use, and the fun colors are always fun to kids. Of course, having large candles or even old school oil lamps on hand are a good idea. I actually have a lot of memories about these old lamps as a kid!

Did I miss anything important? Let me know in the comments below!

17 thoughts on “What To Do During A Power Outage”

  1. Power outages can seem so scary when they do happen. Making sure that you have a plan on place is so important.

  2. I honestly haven’t thought about what we’d do in a power outage, because we never seem to get them anymore. I should probably start working on that though, especially sine I have a little guy.

  3. Great tips! That’s true we need to be ready for emergency. The same thing happened today we had a power outage for about 5 hours because of wintery mix. Luckily finished cooking and laundry ahead of time.

  4. I’m always ready for emergency, I bought emergency lights, candles, rechargeable fladhlights and electric fan, and powerbank. My kids doesn’t sleep in the dark, so I have to make sure I’m always ready.. nice tips! Might try IPOW lead battery..

  5. When my kids were quite small, a big storm knocked out lines everywhere. Our community was without power for almost a week. Luckily for us, our neighbor had a generator, and he ran an extension cord to our house for the refrigerator. Since it was summer, it wasn’t too bad. I’ve often thought that an emergency generator would be a good idea.

  6. Great post! Living in hurricane central (Florida), we’ve become experts in losing power. We keep battery operated candles and flashlights in all rooms (only use them during these times). Just to be safe!

  7. These are some really great tips!! We had a power outage recently on our whole street…and we were very impressed with how unphased our daughter was. We freaked out more than she did.

  8. Really great tips. We never know when an outage is going to happen and we definitely need to prepare. We have a backup emergency kit, along with food and back up batteries too.

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